Sunday, March 17, 2013

Doll Question, Politics, and Phone Fast

I have a blond doll who looks like a Maxie but is articulated at the wrists like a Jem doll.  She is not a Jem though, because she has no collar bone or interesting colors in her hair.  Who is she, Carcy?

I have a few particular Barbies whose legs have gotten sticky over the years, probably from their clothing.  They are Princess of Ireland, (plastic backed brocade?) and Fire and Ice, Salt Lake City Olympics 2002, AA version.  Also an Amazon Princess Gabriel wearing one of those horrid peeling fake leather skirts and a Barbie who Does have what feels like a plastic bonding on the inside of her fau brocade skirt, aqua in color, with a matching sweater.  Anyone else have this problem?  It just seems to happen to particular dolls, two Pricesses of Ireland, two AA Fire and Ice.  Strange.  I washed them in mild soap but Hot water, hoping to rinse away both soap and gummy surfaces.  Rubbed them dry with rough but clean towel and let them dry a few feet from warm air vent.  Seems to have worked.  Tomorrow I find out if I washed too much and they all have orange or turquoise legs to go with their "normal" skin tones.

Does anyone have any "Misfits" from " Jem and the Misfits" to sell?  I never watched the show, but love the Misfits.

A Chance to Have Input, even if it is Late,

I am sorry I didn't get this out sooner.

Champions for women in Congress like Nancy Pelosi, Jan Schakowsky and Rosa DeLauro
are asking: what are your biggest priorities for women this Congress?
Take our quick, easy survey today and we'll hand-deliver them to Leader Pelosi tomorrow.
click here
Click Here

What's your #1 priority for this Congress?
Leaders in Congress like Nancy Pelosi, Jan Schakowsky, and Rosa DeLauro want to know.
More women are serving in Congress today than ever in history
, and they're fired up and ready to win some real victories for women.
Representative DeLauro and Senator Harkin have introduced the Healthy Families Act
that would give 90% of workers access to paid sick days.
 Senator Mikulski and Rep. DeLauro are fighting hard for the Paycheck Fairness Act
to help end wage discrimination against women.
 And Representative Maloney and Senator Lautenberg are working to make sure that
pharmacists can't refuse to sell women birth control that has already been prescribed
by their doctors.
There's a ton of opportunity right now thanks to these congressional leaders who
have been fighting for women.
But first they want to hear directly from women (and men!) like YOU, about what you
care about most.
Can you take a second to let us know what your biggest priorities are for women?
Our survey is easy to fill out, and we're going to hand deliver your responses to
Leader Pelosi at a meeting tomorrow afternoon.
She and other champions in Congress are going to be looking at your responses to
help set their pro-woman agenda for 2013.
Tell Congress what your biggest priorities are
Of course, there are real obstacles to making progress in Congress--the right-wing
isn't going anywhere anytime soon. But progressive members of Congress are already
tackling a lot of issues that benefit women and our families--and
 for many of these issues, we have a better chance to make progress now than we have
had in a long time.
Pay discrimination is a major problem for women--the average, full-time working woman
in America makes only $0.77 for every dollar a man makes. And since mothers make
up 40% of the primary breadwinners in this country, entire families are affected.5
 That's why Rep. DeLauro and Sen. Mikulski introduced the Paycheck Fairness Act in
January, which would finally close the wage gap between men and women.
Nearly one quarter of adults have either lost a job or have been threatened with
job loss because they took time off when they were sick, or they had to care for
a sick family member. 73% of food service, child care and nursing home workers have
no paid sick days at all--which means that countless women can't afford to stay home
when they're sick, even if they are contagious.
 But just this week Rep. DeLauro and Sen. Harkin introduced the Healthy Families
Act, which gives 90% of the work force access to paid sick days.
And there's much more that Congress could do to help women and our families with
wages, childcare, reproductive rights, access to birth control, health care and more.
But they can't do it all at once, and champions in Congress want to know which issues
you want them to focus on.
Please take this short survey so we can send them your top priorities--it only takes
a minute.
Tell Congress what your biggest priorities are.
Thanks for speaking out.
Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Malinda, and Karin, the UltraViolet team
 Women In Senate: 2012 Election Ushers In Historic Number Of Female Senators
, Huffington Post, November 7, 2012
Healthy Families Act Fact Sheet
, National Partnership for Women and Families, March 2013
Harkin, DeLauro Renew Fight for Paid Sick Days
, Senator Harkin press release, March 12, 2013
Paycheck Fairness Act Would Allow Workers To Share Salary Information
, Huffington Post, January 31, 2013
Lautenberg, Maloney Reintroduce Bill to Ensure Women Are Not Denied Access to Contraceptives
, Sen. Lautenberg press release, February 14, 2013
The Paycheck Fairness Act Fact Sheet
, National Partnership for Women and Families, October 2012
Paycheck Fairness Act Would Allow Workers To Share Salary Information
, Huffington Post, January 31, 2013
Healthy Families Act Fact Sheet
, National Partnership for Women and Families, March 2013
Harkin, DeLauro Renew Fight for Paid Sick Days
, Senator Harkin press release, March 12, 2013
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Phone Fast.

I didn't answer the phone this weekend and got a Huge amount of work done!  I didn't even slow down when it rang, just kept on working until I heard a voice, or not.  Many Nots!  Amazing what a time waster phones can be and I only use a Land Line!


Aspartame has serious Negative health effects on some people.  And they want to put it in milk, Unlabeled?

The dairy lobby is pressuring the FDA to get permission to put aspartame in our milk
without a label.
Can you chip in $3 to help us blanket the FDA's zip code with ads during the public
comment period for the next month?
Please donate

Lobbyists for mega-corporations are hell-bent on redefining one of the few foods
that is still safe for our kids -- milk.
For three years, the uber-powerful dairy lobby has pressured the FDA to approve the
artificial sweetener aspartame as an additive to milk without a label.
Now, for the first time in three years, the FDA’s public comment period for the proposal
has finally begun. To make public opinion absolutely clear, we’re going to:
1. Blanket the FDA headquarters' zip-code with ads
 targeted at employees, and
2. Send people dressed as cows to the entrance of FDA headquarters to hand out milk
ask employees the simple question:
Do you want Aspartame with that?
Can you chip in $3, or whatever you can afford, to help us get FDA employees to stand up to dairy lobbyists and stop them from putting aspartame in milk unlabeled? With $3, we can hand out milk and information to 5 FDA employees.
In just the last week, over 100,000 members signed our petition telling
the FDA not to buckle under the dairy industry’s pressure. But if we want to compete
with the lobbyists, we’re going to have to make sure that FDA employees hear about
our petition and know that we’ll stand with them if they stand up to the dairy industry.
If all according goes to plan,
FDA employees will arrive at work one day and see people dressed as cows standing
at the FDA entrance.
 As they approach, wondering what in the world is going on, a cow will offer them
milk. When they roll down their window, we’ll ask them the simple question:
Do you want aspartame with that?
For employees who drive to work, we’re going to
buy targeted radio ads
 that they’ll hear on their commute. For those that take the bus, we’ll
place ads on the sides of the buses
 that stop right outside FDA. And when they’re sitting at their computers, they’re
going to
see our ads when they’re browsing Facebook and using Google
We’re going to make sure that the dairy lobby’s efforts to get aspartame in milk
is the
topic of thousands of water cooler conversations in the weeks to come
. The quiet agreement the dairy industry had hoped for isn’t going to happen this
time around.
Help us make this a reality, by chipping in just $3 you can send people dressed as cows to FDA headquarters to stop them from putting aspartame in unlabeled milk.
This proposal to redefine milk to include aspartame is particularly worrisome, and
dangerous, for kids. Aspartame, which was
originally marketed by Monsanto in the 80s and 90s, has been
linked to increased rates of Type 2 diabetes and obesity
. Hyper-sweet additives like aspartame have been proven to rewire children’s brains
so that they
constantly crave sugary foods
. According to a 60 Minutes report, “aspartame’s approval was one of the most contested
in FDA history.” The FDA’s own toxicologist told Congress that the chemical is
likely to cause brain tumors
If the FDA decides in May to allow this proposal to go through, then pretty soon
kids won’t be able to tell without carefully reading the fine print -- and, let’s
be real, what kid carefully reads any fine print -- if the “milk” they’re picking
up in school cafeterias is
real milk or Diet Milk, chock-full of chemical sweeteners
This is our one shot to stop this dangerous proposal. Can you help make it count by chipping in $3 or more to show FDA employees that they need to stop this proposal? exists to counter corporate lobbyists whose only interest is advancing
profits. Before we got on the case, this issue was relegated to most marginal of
websites. Little attention had been paid by mainstream media. Now outlets like
 NPR and the Huffington Post are telling the story
 of how the dairy industry wants to put our kids’ health at risk to sell more super-sweet
beverages to our kids. We've already changed the conversation, but if we can just
get the folks who work at the FDA -- scientists, public health officials and the
like -- to take notice, then
we can stop this threat to our kids’ health once and for all
Thank you for standing up for against corporate lobbyists,
- Claiborne, Kaytee and the rest of us
 SumOfUs is a world-wide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations
accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy.
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, and like us on
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Three Important Issues

Comcast is lobbying to stop a law to guarantee paid sick days to all workers.
We need to let big corporations know they can’t get away with secretly meddling in
local governments to obstruct workers’ rights and public health.
Sign the petition

We’re closer than we’ve ever been to
ensuring that all workers have paid sick days
 but big corporations like Comcast are standing in the way
. The Philadelphia city council is getting ready to vote on a bill guaranteeing sick
days to all the workers in the city, and Comcast is lobbying furiously against it.
This battle will resonate far beyond Philadelphia. There’s a nationwide movement
to win sick days for all,
 and cities and states around the country are considering bills requiring employers
to give their workers sick days. These bills are overwhelmingly popular -- more than
75 percent of Americans support sick days for all.
 The only thing standing in the way is the lobbying muscle of big business.
We need to show corporations that there are consequences to lobbying against workers’
rights and public health!
Tell Comcast: Stop lobbying against sick days in Philadelphia.
Four out of ten workers in the United States don’t have paid sick days. That’s more
than 44 million people, including
most employees in restaurants, hotels, and child care centers.
The lack of sick days isn’t just unfair to workers. Workers who can’t take paid time
off to recover are much more likely to come to work sick, and when they do, they
can easily spread infectious diseases. The situation is particularly bad in the food
industry -- a study of norovirus, a highly contagious stomach bug, by the Center
for Disease Control found that up to
 80 percent of outbreaks could be traced to a sick food worker
Meanwhile, many parents use sick days to stay home and care for sick children. But
without paid sick days,
 parents are much more likely to send a sick kid to school
, endangering other children’s health.
Employers like Comcast say that these laws will get in the way of job creation, but
there’s just no evidence to back that claim up. Cities like San Francisco and Washington,
already have sick days laws, and their economies are booming
. And experts say that offering paid sick days is good for business because it improves
worker productivity and reduces turnover.
Over 70,000 members of the community have already demanded that Darden,
the nation’s largest full-service restaurant company, give its workers paid sick
days. But if we can stop big companies like Comcast from burying these new laws with
corporate cash, then we can win sick days for all workers.
Speak out now to stop the corporate war on paid sick days legislation.
Comcast is opposing sick days because it has its headquarters in Philadelphia and
employs thousands of workers in the city. But Comcast is depending on killing this
bill quietly, without consumers noticing. Comcast is very sensitive to consumer opinion
-- it was one of the first companies to respond to individual tweets from its customers
-- and it definitely doesn’t want to deal with a flare up of negative publicity.
If we can get more than 50,000 signatures,
 local grassroots organizers from the Media Mobilizing Project will deliver the petition
 to Comcast's Philadelphia headquarters.  And you can bet that they'll do an awesome
job creating a PR nightmare for Comcast.
Workers rights and public health are under attack cross America. Big corporations
can easily outspend the community groups fighting for sick days, especially at the
local level, so they’ve had a huge political advantage. But
 if we can mobilize consumers all over the country to speak out, companies like Comcast
will have to think twice before meddling in local politics.
Click here to tell Comcast to stop lobbying against sick days.
Thanks for all you do,
Kaytee, Rob, and the team at
More information
Quick facts about paid sick days
, The National Partnership for Women and Families
Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Comcast Lobbying Against Paid Sick Leave Bill
, Philadelphia Weekly,  November 26, 2012
 SumOfUs is a world-wide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations
accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy.
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New Issue.

Conservatives are trying—again—to block access to birth control.
 This time, they want the court to rule that a woman's boss should get to decide
what type of birth control she can use. So we're partnering with our friends at EMILY's
List to tell them to stop.
Can you sign the petition?
click here
Click Here

There's an urgent new threat to birth control coverage, and all of us have to speak
out right away before it gets any traction.
This time, 11 prominent right-wing members of Congress have filed a legal brief in
support of Hobby Lobby--the major craft retail chain that is suing the Obama Administration
over the requirement that health insurers cover birth control.
Hobby Lobby's conservative CEO and these members of Congress apparently don't think
women can make their own health care decisions--that somehow a woman's boss at work
should be the one telling her what to do.
In the past year, conservatives have tried to gut birth control coverage time and
time again.
 Even after getting walloped by the women's vote at the ballot box in November, they
kept trying.
 But they've failed every time, so now they're trying a new route—the courts. And
this strategy might just be the scariest they've tried yet because if they win, it
will set an incredibly bad precedent for women's health care and reproductive choice.
Imagine: a legal decision that says your boss gets to make decisions about your health
care, not you. That's scary.
That's why we've partnered with our friends at EMILY's List to send them a message:
just stop.
Birth control is a personal, medical decision, and it's not up to politicians or
employers to dictate how women use it.
 Republicans need to stop trying to block women's access. If UltraViolet members
and EMILY's List members speak out together, they'll hear us loud and clear.
Sign the petition telling right-wing politicians to stop messing with birth control.
Hobby Lobby is a major crafts retailer in the United States and employs thousands
of women across 14 states.
 US companies can't flout the law just because they don't like it. Big corporations
and small businesses are run by all sorts of people in our country, many religious,
many not. Allowing company management to impose their beliefs on employees is just
plain un-American.
If the court sides with them and finds that an employer can choose which type of
birth control is available to their employees, it would set a dangerous precedent
for other cases and give extremists another opening to attack women's rights and
access to health care.
And now, 11 prominent members of Congress have given this lawsuit greater credibility
and asked the courts to set a dangerous precedent for all women. But we know that
politicians care about their next election more than virtually anything else, and
if we can show them this is a loser with women voters, we can get them to drop their
attacks on birth control--and stop them from gaining traction.
The more of us that speak out, the louder our voices will be. UltraViolet and EMILY's
List members together will hold these politicians accountable make sure they know
that if they mess with women, we will fight back and we will win.
 Please join us in this important campaign.
Sign the petition.
Thanks for speaking out.
Nita, Shaunna, Kat, and Karin, the UltraViolet team
Hobby Lobby's Anti-Obamacare Birth Control Stance Backed By McConnell, High-Profile Republicans
, Huffington Post, February 25, 2013
Republicans vs. Women
, New York Times, July 29, 2012
Obama Got Aggressive on Reproductive Rights, and Won
, Slate, November 8, 2012
Faith in Values: Contraception-Coverage Requirement Strengthens Religious Liberty and Women’s Health
, Center for American Progress, February 6, 2013
Hobby Lobby finds way around $1.3-million-a-day Obamacare hit - for now
, CNN, January 11, 2013
Faith in Values: Contraception-Coverage Requirement Strengthens Religious Liberty and Women’s Health
, Center for American Progress, February 6, 2013
Want to support our work?
 UltraViolet is funded by members like you, and our tiny staff ensures small contributions
go a long way.
Chip in here.

Third Issue could be Very dangerous, especially to the developing brains and bodies of fetuses and growing children.  I think this is a nasty piece of work.  Johns Hopkins already advises people to stay away from aspartame as Equal as part of their recommendations for a diet which will help in avoiding cancer.

A powerful industry lobby wants to redefine "milk" to include artificial sweeteners
like aspartame as ingredients.
Tell the FDA to say no to aspartame in milk.
Send a Message
Share on Facebook.
Big food companies have a new secret weapon aimed right at your kid’s sweet tooth:
Yes, milk.
The powerful dairy lobby is pushing the FDA to redefine "milk" to include artificial
sweeteners like aspartame.
 The goal is to turn the wholesome drink into another artificial flavor-laden sweet
Hyper-sweet additives like aspartame rewire children’s brains so that they constantly
crave sugary foods
, turning the kids into tiny consumption machines.
 This sweet-trained brain fattens up the food companies’ bottom lines as it fattens
up their customers, and has led to our current obesity epidemic.
Tell the FDA to say no to artificial sweeteners in natural food. Stop aspartame from entering our milk.
For decades, food companies have poured millions into research into creating foods
that trick our brain into over-consuming.
 As obesity has surged and the country has become more health-conscious, the industry
has moved into formerly healthy foods, pumping them up with sugar, salt, and fat
until they, too become part of the problem.
Aspartame has a particularly sketchy history as an artificial substance.
 It has long been linked to a host of health issues, and was banned by the FDA before
a Reagan appointee rigged a committee to approve it. The food industry claims that
aspartame helps fight obesity by offering up a low-calorie alternative, but by training
the brain to crave sweets, aspartame’s been having the opposite effect. Putting it
into milk and serving it up to kids is the last straw. Join us today in telling the
FDA no way on aspartame in milk.
Don't let the dairy lobby redefine milk. Sign our petition today.
Thank you for being one of us,
Claiborne, Melanie and the team at
P.S. Want to do more?
Share this campaign on Facebook
 or forward this email to your friends and family.
More reading:
[1] The New York Times:
The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food
, 20 February, 2013
Federal Register:
Flavored Milk; Petition to Amend the Standard of Identity for Milk and 17 Additional Dairy Products
, 20 February, 2013
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accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy.
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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Who Are These Dolls?

Who Are These Dolls?

I have a little tribe of dolls with Mattel and dates from the 1970's on their backs.  Their heads and non-bending arms are made of a softer, rubbery feeling pplastic.  Their legs and bodies with non-turning waists are hard plastic.  Their knees bend farther than a Barbie dolls, as they are jointed, not filled with a wire.  Their faces are wider than Barbie and her friends.

The boy is about 9 to 9.5 inches tall with brown hair.  The girl is blonde and made to look like a young teen or pre-teen.  She is shorter than the boy at 9 inches tall.  There is a toddler sized (approximately Kelly sized) blond girl with two ponytails, a baby in a snuggie pack, and a "baby" with just a head showing above a stuffed oval cloth covered shape, (baby in a blanket) instead of the rest of the baby body.  I'm not sure if this last "baby" belongs to the same group or not.

I don't know if they are in original clothing or not, but though the girls of 9 inches are in floor length evening gown type dresses, all of these dolls have well made Cotton clothing.  The boy is wearing overalls and a shirt or a knit shirt and cotton pants.  

At first I thought they might be Barboid neighbors, the Heart Family?  But when I looked up that family they were all manufactured starting in the 1980's.

So who Are these strange little people with no parents who are Not shaped like Skipper or Kevin?

Thanks for any help you can volunteer.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Doll Questions and some Political Good News

Questions About Doll Care and Some Political Good News

How do other doll collectors clean dolls who get spots where one kind of vinyl in a doll joins another?  Are "Twin Pines" products still made for doll care?  How do you deal with what I call "sticky leg syndrome"?  I can wash it away, but it's odd that some dolls not exposed to heat have sticky vinyl legs and most don't.  Does the problem re-occur?

I have some older dolls who came with metal earrings.  Yep, dark spots in ears where metal and vinyl interacted badly.  I think Paul David used to call it "green ear".  Sounds Gross, but at least no wax.

This can be covered up with plastic or coated wire earring posts.  But will anyone buy a doll with this particular disease?

As a blind collector, I don't care much about either tiny spots on a doll covered by clothes or "Green ear".  But I am listing every spot on every doll who has one, in her description for the website.  No nasty tricks will be played on anyone.

How much does "green ear" detract from the price of a doll?  Don't all of the old dolls have it, as metal posts were used for earrings?

Thank you, Philly Collector and also a more local reader,  for helping me ID the doll which I will list as a Midge.  Her body type is "old Barbie" (if you can imagine such a concept).  She isn't thin enough to be a Casey, who also has red hair.Now some positive political news, can you stand it?


We just wanted to say thank you!
Thanks to you and so many dedicated people across the country, a stronger, expanded
Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was reauthorized by Congress yesterday
, which increases protections for some of the most vulnerable communities--including
Native American women and LGBT couples.
This was an uphill fight, and we could not have done it without your voice.
Together with our allies across the progressive movement, UltraViolet members spoke
out in force to demand action on VAWA.
For nearly a year, you've made calls, signed petitions, and made sure that extremists
in Congress knew: this life-saving law must be renewed, and it must protect all people
from abuse.
Here's a quick recap of what UltraViolet members did together:
162,333 petition signatures delivered to every member of Congress
8,576 phone calls made to House Republicans
1,340 donations made to support the campaign
159 UltraViolet members who are survivors of abuse and told their stories to Congress
2 national TV ads
VAWA is a hugely important law that has a tremendous impact.
 It helps train 500,000 law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges, funds countless
services for survivors including shelters and hotlines and since it was passed it
has helped reduce partner violence by almost 67%.
 Now, native women, who endure much higher rates of rape and domestic violence than
the general population, will finally have more avenues to justice.
 LGBT people, who experience domestic abuse at a similar rate to straight couples,
will no longer be discriminated against when they seek help from shelters and other
We still have a lot of work to do together to end violence against women, especially
when it comes to gun safety. As Vice President Biden noted yesterday, "consider just
one fact—that 40% of all mass shootings started with the murderer targeting their
girlfriend, or their wife, or their ex-wife."
That's a startling statistic, and something we must change.
But right now, we wanted to take a moment to thank you and share this victory with
Thank you so much--for EVERYTHING!
Nita, Shaunna, Kat, and Karin, the UltraViolet team
PS-- We'd love to hear what you think about VAWA, our campaigns, or anything else
that's on your mind. You can drop us a line at
Violence Against Women Act: House Passes Broader Senate Bill, Sends To Obama To Become Law
, Huffington Post, February 28, 2013
"Factsheet: The Violence Against Women Act,"
The White House, accessed January 24, 2013
The Violence Against Women Act is on life support
, Washington Post, Jan 25, 2013
Domestic Violence in the LGBT Community
, Center for American Progress, June 14, 2011
Full Report of the Prevalence, Incidence, and Consequences of Violence Against Women
, U.S. Department of Justice, November 2000
Biden: Congress 'put politics aside' on VAWA
, Politico, February 28, 2013
Want to support our work?
 UltraViolet is funded by members like you, and our tiny staff ensures small contributions
go a long way.
Chip in here.
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Share this graphic today!
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Over the past month, thousands of your fellow This is Personal
 members wrote members of Congress and urged Speaker Boehner to bring the
Violence Against Women Act
 (VAWA) for a vote.
Members of Congress felt the pressure, and today, I'm happy to announce the House
passed an inclusive and comprehensive VAWA and President Obama said that he will
sign it into law!
I couldn't believe it when House leadership in the last session of Congress let this
critical bill expire
for the first time ever
. With crucial services to survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault at stake
-- including rape prevention, education, and enforcement -- I knew it was just a
matter of time before thousands of supporters joined together to let Congress know
that anything less than a VAWA that protects everyone was unacceptable. I'm happy
to say it worked!
 will soon be law of the land.
Share this graphic today!
So what does this new bipartisan version of the bill look like? For starters, it
An expanded focus on sexual assault, including additional resources to reduce the
backlog of untested rape kits throughout the country.
New provisions that expand and strengthen protections for LGBT individuals and Native
Support for programs to combat sexual violence on campuses
Critical funds to support survivors and prevent and prosecute human trafficking
This is a huge deal. Congress listened. Now women -- and men -- will have the essential
protections they need to combat sexual assault and domestic violence, and to move
forward in its aftermath. I know you are going to continue to fight the good fight,
but I wanted to take a moment to celebrate this major victory.
As always, thanks for keeping it personal.
Thao Nguyen
Campaign Director, This Is Personal
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