Monday, September 30, 2013

Be With the BEEKers

Home Depot and Lowe’s still haven’t committed to stop selling the pesticides that
are killing the bees
 -- and now it’s time to up the pressure.
A new report by our allies at Friends of the Earth reveals that
more than half of the “bee-friendly” home garden plants sold at stores like Home
Depot and Lowe’s actually contain bee-killing pesticides called neonics -- with no
warning to consumers!
Nearly 125,000 of us have asked Home Depot and Lowe’s to stop selling pre-poisoned
plants and bee-killing pesticides. But so far, neither company has responded. Now,
we need to up the buzz to protect the bees.
Can you take a moment to spread this message on
Home Depot's Facebook page
Lowe’s Facebook page
Home Depot/Lowe’s: Stop selling bee-killing pesticides and pre-poisoned bee-friendly
Home Depot and Lowe’s don’t even warn consumers that their “bee-friendly” plants
are plastered in the pesticides implicated in the global bee die-off -- meaning that
these killers may be lurking in our own backyards. Top retailers in Europe stopped
selling these poisons even ahead of a continent-wide ban -- now it’s time for North
American companies to stop selling these products, full stop.
Make sure Home Depot and Lowe's get our message:
Click here to write on Home Depot's Facebook wall.
 Copy and paste the message below, or write your own:
Home Depot: Stop selling bee-killing pesticides and pre-poisoned bee-friendly plants!
Then, click here to write on Lowe's Facebook wall.
 Copy and paste the message below, or write your own:
Lowe's: Stop selling bee-killing pesticides and pre-poisoned bee-friendly plants!
Thank you,
Angus, Paul, and the team at
More information:
New Report: Gardeners Beware: Bee-Toxic Pesticides Found in "Bee-Friendly" Plants Sold at Garden Centers Nationwide
, Friends of the Earth, August 2013.
 SumOfUs is a world-wide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations
accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy.
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, and like us on

Personal Note.

I didn't know this, glad I plant only heirloom seeds specific to my part of the country.

On new med., I'm always Tired, don't seem to sleep well. By late afternoon I'm ready to crash!  Thinking about switching it to a morning dose.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Personal Feelings and Deaf or Blind Women Caught in Domestic Violence

Personal Post and deaf women caught in domestic violence.

Personal Note:

Feeling Much better!  Have progressed back to headaches, irritable, (in my head snarky comments) low tolerance of frustration, a Great improvement.  Sleeping schedule still screwed, but I hope will straighten out in time.

Deaf Women And Men in Domestic Violence

A friend of mine is attending a conference about domestic violence.  She and one other person will be allowed to speak for a Whole Ten Minutes, (10 min. Between them in a Day Long Conference) about people with disabilities caught in domestic violence.  One of these two people will be speaking about architectural barriers.  If a shelter has stairs, how is a person using a wheelchair supposed to access it?  If a person cannot walk far or becomes easily exausted while standing in line, can that person access services?

My friend is Generously given 5 Five minutes to cover all other disability issues.  Reminds Me of the Three minutes I was Supposed to get at the end of an hours long conference concerning the changes at our state social services agency.  I pointed out that I had listened to all other speakers with respect and asked for the same.  Then I took Seven minutes, as the only person with a disability present, to explain how the changes were and would be effecting different groups of people with disabilities.  Of course, I was the Last speaker and everyone wanted to get home.  Tokenism.  But I did it because I was the Only speaker with disabilities.

I asked my friend if she was planning to talk about the language barrier for deaf people seeking shelter from domestic violence.

The way it too often goes is this.  Kids with disabilities are abused in all ways at a higher rate than their non-disabled counterparts.

Abusers think "who's a deaf kid going to tell?"  or, "She can't see who's doing it, can't prove it was me" in the case of a blind child.  In the case of a child with intellectual disabilities, severe autism, the same assumptions may be made.

We have learned that some abused children become abusers.  Others continue to be victims of abuse. 

Unfortunately, police often harbor the same prejudgements about people with disabilities as the general public.  There have been cases where deaf people have spoken to police in writing and via interpreters in their own language, ASL., to swear out complaints of abuse against a specific person and nothing was done.

Deaf and DUMB?  How about deaf and highly intelligent?

If a Latina goes to a shelter without much command of English it Should be obvious she Must have an interpreter who is skilled in translation.  This doesn't happen often enough either.

If a deaf woman goes to a shelter she is not likely to get an interpreter in this area.  So how does she receive counseling?  A few notes, no Group interaction.  How does she receive support, some smiles, some avoidance from fear.    How does she find out what services are available to her?  A list of shelter rules and some fliers on local agencies. 

Some deaf people have difficulty reading because they went to hearing schools or schools insisting on oralism (speaking) where the alphabet was taught by, yep, Phonics! 

A friend who had once worked at a domestic violence shelter told me once that the deaf women who came for help usually went back into their situations.  Makes horrible sense to me.  They went back into situations and communities where there was at least communication, some support possible from friends who spoke their language, and some degree of acceptance, even if it was from an abuser.

So I urged the lady given five big minutes to cover other barriers than architectural ones to Please speak up for Deaf people seeking Shelter from domestic violence!  Tokenism?  Yep, but at least Someone will  e there.

For blind people it's easier in some ways.  We can verbalize, whether we are believed or not.  But we can't access the flat s--- given us and there isn't necessarily someone available to read it.  Also, there may be strong reactions of annoyance to our white canes or dog guides.  A deaf person who comes with a Hearing Dog may face the same problem.  b  

On the other hand, if we blind people don't use our canes, sighted people may grow hysterical if we bump into them, trip over something left in the floor, or run into an object.  So which way do you want it, anyhow?

If you are deaf-blind and do not posess a will of titanium, give Up!

New Post: Sat. Sept. 28.

Feeling Better today, got two more hours of sleep last night.  Something is in very dark (not milk) chocolate which helps me sleep.  I ate two squares before bed.  Makes you want a toothbrush first thing when you wake, but it Works.  Because it's Sat. I slept until 9:30 and only stayed awake for half an hour or so at my usual 4:30 to 5:00 wake up time.  Eight Hours for the first time in Weeks!  Yeah!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blogs in a Row #2

First, I Do understand that I'm Incredibly Fortunate to be able to see a Dr. at all.  Honestly, after these last three weeks which will be written a bit about below, I understand that in certain situations I could end up hg  HOMELESS (sorry for the mistake Blogger won't allow me to correct) or locked away in a mental hospital or forced into a group home, (horrors of group living as a teen at blind school are not Too far away) instead of functioning Well most of the time with a garden, new art coming to soon, friends, learning a new language, ASL (really TASL. for me) etc., oh yah, and Trying to take and intelligent part in politics, even if I'm not always right and Can't always spell correctly.

That rant done, not the posts.

Blogs in a Row #2.

Germany Has No Minimum Wage, an Interesting Comment About U.S.

Late Friday or Sat. night I was listening to BBC, as I often do when cannot sleep.  They were interviewing "experts" about the upcoming German election.

The BBC reporter went to the town where Volkswagen cars are made and the opulence of management lifestyles and homes was clear to see. 

In the same town he went to what he called a "Bread Line" and a charity giving food to pets, as they are the first to be sacrificed, (dumped, put down,) when a family can't feed it's own children.

At this charity were many people who worked for Volkswagen and other "working poor."

It was pointed out that Germany has no minimum wage and that this was one reason that economy could produce quality products cheaply.  The way a lack of minimum wage is made up for (in theory) is that there Is a significant social safety net, medical care, and the rich pay a fairly high tax rate with the understanding that they are subsidizing the working and other poor. 

But if the system works, what were all of those people Doing at the Catholic charity which handed out food?  Germany has the lowest unemployment rate in Europe.

One woman commented that if Germany's Government and corporations continued to ignore the poor then the poor would cease to vote and Germany would become more like "America."  Interesting yes?  I didn't know these things before hearing that report.

New Post: Sunday, Sept. 22nd.

Doll Talk

Last night while I wasn't sleeping I went through the box which held the dolls who used to live in the factory Ann and I made them.  Turtle allowed his turtle to be placed on a closet shelf nearby in his house, (he suggested it) where he could get to it but this was a big step for him.  He no longer has it squished into his sleeping bag, always sitting over his heart and tummy.

I took a Power Ranger Out of the house.  Her name is Tomi, a Japanese girl's name.  She used to carry a gun and be a protector in the house.  But she acted like a girl who had been emptied out.  She wouldn't carry a gun, wouldn't do anything.  So either she needs to wake up, rest from being surrounded by all of those little kids, or go dormant, meaning to stop existing as a separated part of our mind.  I do not know what she needs, but I think the latter choice is probably right.  Anyway, she is moved and can leave or wake, only is she needs to.

New Post: Monday Sept. 23rd.


To me, a Fundamentalist is someone who goes around telling others that they are evil and wrong if they choose a different life Than the Fundamentalist has.

I know that in truth, fear plays a big part in this kind of thinking and that the problems which spawn it are complex.  I knew a wonderful family from Iran and the lady was a university professor.  She did a careful analysis of extreme fundamentalist groups in differing religions and came up with the conclusion that a Fundamentalist is a Fundamentalist, no matter what their particular ideology or religion.

It is not a compassionate thought on my part.  But sometimes I wish that somewhere, on some planet or in some Highly isolated part of this abused Earth, we could create a United States of Fundamentalism.

  We could have the state of Tea Party, (no abortion even if the mother dies and leaves hungry children behind, it's God's will). Homosexuality would be against the law and punished severely.  There would be  almost no Government, except for the enforcement of State laws.   No healthcare for those who can't afford it would be available and harsh punishments for small infractions would be swiftly carried out.   Only those people of color who Are fundamentalists would be allowed there.   Should they live in a restricted part of the state of Tea Party?  No belief in climate change, lots of guns, (A state Requirement that each household have several?) Bible as required reading and Biblical studies required in schools.  The State flag and any Biblical quotation someone wants to post in public. No evolution taught in schools.  Prayer time each day in school in Jesus name.  A board of State censors to control art displayed publicly.
 "Stand your ground" law always in vorce, should there be birth control?  Women and girls must always adhere to State dress code of modesty or face public humiliation or punishment.   All of the fosil fuel use possible, and alliances politically with whoever furthers their goals. 

Then we could have the State of Wahabi, all women at home, should they be allowed to drive?  Covered with dull fabric from head to toe in public and Only allowed out of the house with a male relative.  No abortion or birth control and no alcohol.  No public smoking in some state counties. No pork permitted.   Honor killing permitted, killing or deporting of homosexuals permitted, female homosexuals killed to spare the family.   No female education, Koranic studies in every male school, (the only kind.)  Verses from the Qran posted publicly  and no graven images allowed in art, only Islamic designs, preferably only those most influenced by Arabic cultures.   Of course, no evolution taught in schools.   Alliances politically with whoever furthers their political ambitions.  Certainly implementation of Sharea Law. No male Christians or Jews allowed, though a man may marry a Christian or even a Jewish wife.

 There could be a state for Fundamentalist Buddhists.  Those who murder Muslims in Myanmar, (Burma) , those monks  who blessed the tanks going out to kill Tamil people during the Sri Lankan Civil War, might like to live there. Women would feed the monks each day, (men Work!) no Tibetan statues permitted, No Tamil Buddhists either.  No birth control or abortion, and if a wife displeases you she may be beaten or encouraged to kill herself.  Only the version of Buddhism agreed upon by the state taught in school and quotations of the Buddhas words everywhere, just Not in Pali, the Tamil language in which some of the first Buddhist scriptures were written.  Homosexuals killed or deported.  Agreed upon Buddhist scriptures taught in school, None of that Wrong teaching from Mahayana or Vajrayana Buddhism, dress code enforcement and reverence for monks enforced by law.  Nuns can sit in the back of the teaching hall and do other hard work.

A Hindu state outlawing circumcision, allowing the abuse of women, abortion of Girl babies encouraged, required Enforcement of the Caste system, attendance at All festivals and Holy Days required.  No beef eaten.  Cows the state mascot, on the state flag. Rape allowed as punishment for lower caste men, rape their wives and daughters.  Vedas and Upanishads required study in all schools.  Political alliances with, you guessed it.

What other states could there be?  Thank all that is, and who Are GOOD that most of us, of All faiths or none, would NOT WISH to  belong to such states!  Can't you see certain Key features in All of them? 

Repression of women and LBGT people.  Religious teaching and law with a strict interpretation required.  No science allowed to contradict the Facts, as they are perceived by the particular state in question. (Even when someone rich gets sick?)   Control of the arts and oddly enough, Private Lives (I thought Tea Party activists were Against Government Intervention into Private Lives! But maybe That only has to do with providing services for people.)  A Disinterest in change.  A willingness to harm others in the name of religion and the requirement of absolute obedience. Also, NO Welfare.  Dying permitted, begging permitted, or the belief that one's suffering is God's will or karma or kismet. Anyway, no one Else's problem.

    I remembered the Professor's book when a shopping mall in Nairobi was taken over by terrorists.

I get Very unhappy about the Overuse of the word "terrorist" to describe anyone a government doesn't like.  But there Are Real acts of Terrorism and this was certainly one!

New Post Sept. 24, Tuesday. Sick!

Had a horrible day yesterday due to med. Change!  Don't know what to call it, I'm no Dr. and the Dr. never returned my call either yesterday Or today.  But I'd get a funny feeling, like a very brief pain in a certain spot in my head then just blank out.  I didn't shake but wondered if it was some kind of petite mal seizure.  Sometimes it took thirty minutes to remember what I Had been doing, sometimes four hours.  The more I moved around and the more I tried to do, the more often it happened.  Very Frightening and Not a safe way for a blind person to live.  I was so scared I was hyper, which only made my lack of focus worse. 

Luckily, I know someone with a Huge knowledge of chemistry of the human body, nutrition, and medications.  They told me it was a withdrawal symptom of the med.s I was no longer taking and said they thought my electrolytes were out of balance.

Don't have any lights, electro or otherwise.  But I got to thinking about electrolytes and minerals.  What could I do?  Gatoraid was designed to Balance electrolytes for athletes, and I have a mineral supplement at home.  Since I heard Nothing from Dr. I doubled up on mineral supplements for two or three days, starting yesterday, and before bed slowly drank a glass of Gaitoraid.  I don't like drinking so much sugar, but the combination of actions helped.  I'm Very tired, my head still hurts, but I'm not blanking out anymore, not today anyhow.

Time for bed.  Today was better, though I don't feel great.
New Post Wednesday Sept. 25th.  New medication?

Still having that weird thing happening in my head.  The more jumpy or afraid I get, or the faster I move, the worse it is.  But not blanking out each time today.  I skipped ASL. Class, Bummer!  Begged my Buddhist friend tonight to be expecially gentle in sounding the bell, and he was.  Tomorrow I'm supposed to go shopping for groceries.  If the bell makes me jump how the Hell am I supposed to deal with That?  I do not know!

Today called Doc' and basically told a nurse, "I don't bother the Doc' for a runny nose or a stubbed toe.  If I can't get help when I Might be having tiny seizures of some kind and I called Monday and This is Wednesday afternoon, I might have to switch Doctors, even though I like working with this Doc' very much."  Got a call saying start the new med. A week early.  I said I would do this but wanted to make  it clear that I wasn't demanding anything in particular.  If the answer had just been, "These are withdrawal symptoms you will have to live with" that was fine.  I just Needed to know what was happening to me.

Started low dose of new med. Tonight, but Not before asking how hard it usually was for patients to withdraw from.  Instead of my month it usually takes two weeks.  I've already done three. So I feel scared but took the new med.  Wish me Luck!

Please forgive all mistakes in these posts.  Hope I haven't bored you terribly.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blogs in a Row

I've been going through a med. change which has made me sick.  Also, I've had no internet connection since last Fric  FriDay.  So have writen blog posts in a row.  Here is the first of them.  Nothing political here.  Doll and other stuff.
Blogs in a Row.

I'm going through a major med. Change and it's not fun.  Also, my access to the internet is gone and there is no telling When I'll get help to work with the "Well all you have to do is click on the green icon" people (tech. support).  So I get a break from email cries for help and will have to write blog posts more than one at a time.  I can only save four documents at a time in my ancient version of "Word" so must create "blogs in a Row."  I will title each post separately, so you can skip, come back to them later, etc.  I wish I could catch up on doll news, as weekends are usually the time I save for reading the last week's blogs.  But, not an option.

Sept. 19th, Thursday.

Changing Meds.

I'm finding that working alone at a repetitive design is calming.  Made a (for me)
complex necklace last night with woven gold beat pattern, and the amber related beads
separating each pattern in gold.  Lastnight fell asleep between 1:30 and 2:00 AM.
Woke at 7:00. So began a new necklace of clear, gold, and green on a small velvet
triangle so dark purple it's almost black.  Will have to see if the green clashes,
but I don't think so.

I had a nasty dream last night, probably REM rebound as it was the first night with
no zoloft or amytriptaline.  The Good thing about it was that as soon as I woke I
realized it Was a dream.  I hate the ones where I can't wake and they just go on
all night, leading to extreme terror throughout the day.

Today I have to deal with my healthcare aide and a computer instructor.  We haven't
been getting very far with the Braille computer which Should allow me to interact
with the Internet, but Doesn't.  I can receive but not send any info., Great!

Hope to keep my snarlyness and jumpiness  in check, realizing it's the med. change.
I do better when things are quiet and I'm alone.

Night of Sept 20 I got even less sleep, so may be good thing internet is gone.  But if I had access to it via Braille computer would be Much easier to write with a bandaged finger.  To write Braille via machine (there is also a slower hand written form) you choose combinations of keys, each key being larger than a typewriter key as there are only six, and press down on the specific combination you want.  I write Contracted Braille, which I think may be similar to print short hand.  Letters which come together often in English (with, and, ing, the) have just one symbol representing the whole group.  No picking out words letter by letter.  If that Braille computer worked I could send my blogs, written in contracted Braille to blogger and you would see them in print. 

I get to capitalize my language of literacy each time I writeeeeee it since it's a man's name.  Maybe flat sh—readers (print) should rename that system after someone so you can capitalize your language of literacy, too. 

Saturday, Sept. 21

We Live in an Old Factory (doll talk)

It's hard to find anyone here willing to talk to you.  We are all between 5 and 7.  We live in a grungy little town in Oklahoma where it's kind of sandy and dry and the only factory in town, well, it's just outside of town, closed.  So we run aways took it over.

The factory doesn't exist  any more but it used to and it was built of cardboard and tape.  It had a middle part which was up in the air and underneath is where the ones of us who had horses kept them.

It's none of your business who I am but I'll tell you a little about some of the kids  here.

At first there were only a few of us.  I'm Runs Away, because that's all I do.  I have a little horse and I take off, until I came to live at this place.  I'm friends with a blind girl called Trusts Only Animals.  She in Indian too and gets on her young horse so we can ride away together.  She has a puppy.  She likes to squeeze herself into small places and hide when adults are around.  At a blind school she used to feel safe in the bottom of a closet with the doors closed and she didn't make noise.  Most of the time no one missed her until some other kid in there with her, (not me, I like alone places) would pipe up so people knew where they were. 

Trusts Only Animals spends time outside at home doing things like seeing if she can weave a bird nest out of grass and weeds which will stay together and make a home for some bird.  She would be happy if this worked and some bird chose the house she made for it. 

At school she plays secretly with little toy animals inside a drawer.  That feels safer to her and keeps her from loosing toys or getting them taken away by kids who can see them.

We each brought what we could from home.  There is an old piece of carpet on the Factory floor, so we sleep on that.  But some of us have a sleeping bag, (glasses case) or blanket, (potholder) we brought from home.  In the cold we just have to sleep cuddled together and share to keep warm.  At the dumb blind school Trusts Only Animals says they think there is something wrong with sharing a bed.  But when we used to get sent home before we ran away we shared a bed.  It's warmer in Winter.  And if you are with a friend it's nice to have somebody to talk to.  She had Terrible dreams at that school.

Sept. 22, Sunday

Turtle (doll talk)

Lots of us always wanted to be a turtle but I really Am one because that's my name.  I am a boy who hides in my sleeping bag all day with a Turtle sitting over my heart.  When I have to do something in the outside world I send my feelings about everything inside my Turtle and then I can do what I have to.  My Turtle is Beautiful with painted designs on his back and he protects me.

Sunday, Sept. 22.  Candy (Doll Talk)

Have to keep looking at the stupid calendar to see the day number.  Someone started to write "Animal" after Candy's name.  Wonder if that means she's related to the hungry little Asian girl who they call Animal.

Anyway, Candy is white with red hair and she is Brilliant.  She is the first one who figured out how to carry your inside parts, (you know, feelings) around but Outside your body.  Turtle did this, but his Turtle stayed in his sleeping bag whenever he had to get out and do something.  So his feelings were not near him.  SMART, hu?

But Candy is amazing!  She looks very cute to the big ones, wearing a dress with green velvet on it and   a green velvet hairbow.  But she carries this little backpack of tiny toys on her back.  That's where all her feelings go, just as soon as she gets them.  It's amazing how when she's alone she can take off her backpack and open it so see what's inside.  Then if someone who has no business knowing comes along she just picks up her toys, like they are regular toys, and puts them back in her pack.  Rulers don't mind if she carries her toys around, cause she's a kid.  They think it's good she keeps them all packed up together.  She can be liked by them because she's pretty.  They would never guess she is mad.

And Who Says Healing Can't Come Through Dolls?  Or through a TV show or whatever.

Monday, September 16, 2013

No More Credit Unions?

People, This Could be Big.

I want Local Credit Unions to survive because they tend to keep money for investment in the Local community.  Why should multi-national banks, which have no reason to care if a community dies, be allowed to run credit unions out?  Haven't we given them enough already?  

If Big Banks like Bank of America and Wells Fargo succeed in driving these credit
unions out of business,
the banks will cost us billions more as they build up a financial monopoly
Tell Bank of America and others to stop lobbying to end credit unions' tax exemptions.
Sign the petition
Bad feelings over the bailouts and extortionary bank fees have driven millions of
Americans into the arms of local credit unions. But instead of luring them back with
better customer service,
Big Banks are using their lobbying might to kill off credit unions, attempting to
destroy a crucial tax exemption that credit unions need to survive.
Big Banks sucked up over a trillion dollars in the bailouts, but now they’re claiming
that credit unions
 are a threat to the national deficit. Banks say that credit unions cost the government
$1.5 billion in lost tax revenue, but
if the banks get their way, it will end up costing us over ten billion dollars each
year in higher fees and rates.
Congress gets back from recess this week, and banks are about to kick off a big lobbying
push for the fall.
 The banks are trying to kill consumer-friendly credit unions so that they can raise
rates with impunity -- but we aren’t going to let them.
Tell Bank of America and its cronies to stop their crusade against credit unions.
We can’t afford a future without credit unions. If we show the banks just how much
this desperate gamble will backfire,
the threat of bad publicity and another banking scandal will cause the banks to rethink
their pricey lobbying push
. Large-scale protests have forced banks to change their tune before, and once word
gets out about the banks’ incredible greed, the backlash should send them packing.
Anytime that regulation is mentioned, bankers like to cry out about free-market principles.
banks use an army of lobbyists to shape legislation as they see fit. This time, they’ve
gone too far
 in trying to take out the competition. If we all step up today, we can stop this
in its tracks, and save consumer-friendly credit unions from extinction.
Tell the Big Banks to back off their bullying tactics and stop trying to kill the credit unions.
Thanks for all that you do,
Kaytee, Claiborne and the rest of us
More Information:
Banks pushing for repeal of credit unions' federal tax exemption,
 Los Angeles Times, 6 July 2013
Credit unions fight back against tax repeal efforts,
 Miami Herald, 8 September 2013
 SumOfUs is a world-wide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations
accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy.
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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Toxic Chicken Anyone?

Toxic Chicken Anyone?

Remember the chicken processing plant which locked the fire doors to keep employees from stealing chicken wings?  Workers died.  I live near plants like that which employ some of the poorest people, both citizens and some undocumented workers, to do some of the hardest and most filthy work!  Things may get a lot worse for them and for anyone who eats poultry.

The USDA is still rushing ahead with plans to slash poultry plant regulations and
privatize inspections -- even though the federal government’s own independent oversight
office has warned against it.
The new poultry regulations would
replace government safety inspectors with factory employees and let plants dramatically
speed up production
. Chickens and turkeys will be allowed to
soak in contaminants like feces and pus
, and then washed in chlorine. The USDA insists that the new rules won’t hurt consumers,
but last week the Government Accountability Office released a report revealing
massive flaws in the USDA’s study
. Meanwhile, independent studies show that the new rules will increase consumers’
risk of exposure to foodborne illnesses like salmonella and that workers will be
at risk of serious injury.
More than 75,000 SumOfUs members have already spoken out against the new regulations,
along with food and workplace safety experts. But the USDA isn’t listening to anyone.
It’s blown through the normal process for approving new regulations in its rush to
line the pockets of poultry companies -- it refused to hold public meetings and prevented
its own advisory committee from evaluating the rules. Now it’s planning to go ahead
with its plan despite the glaring flaws, and
the only person who can stop it is President Obama.
Can you call the White House comment line at (877) 977-1284 and tell President Obama to reverse the USDA’s new poultry plant regulations?
Here’s what to do:
1. Call the White House comment line at (877) 977-1284 between 9 AM and 5 PM Eastern
time. Wait until you get an operator on the line. This will probably take a few minutes.
2. Tell the person that answers that you’re calling with concerns about the USDA’s new
poultry plant regulations. You  can either give your own statement, or
read our sample comment here
3. Once you’re done, make sure to
report how your call went here
. These reports are extremely important, because they’ll help us track how the White
House is responding to our pressure.
The public is getting angrier about the USDA’s disgusting new rules -- they even
made the front page of the Washington Post this week. That means this is the perfect
moment to let the president know that we’re holding him accountable for stopping
the USDA’s terrible plan.
Can we count on you to make a call today to call the White House?
Thanks for all you do,
Rob and the rest of us at
 SumOfUs is a world-wide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations
accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy.
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Water, it's Kind of Important

Greetings friends,
Thank you so much for signing my son Luke's petition in hopes of stopping a 25-45
year corporate contract with Nestle and our town's municipal water supplier.
There was a great piece of investigative journalism in this week's Maine Sunday Telegram
which called out the decision-makers of the long-term contract for Maine's water
resources, all having conflicts of interest with Nestle. This clearly illustrates
the power and influence Nestle has within Maine's government at the state level.
Thank you all for your support - other towns in the US were outraged and defeated
Nestlé in their attempts at securing long-term water extraction contracts. We hope
to do the same with the pressure and attention from all of you.
Please feel free to share our petition with friends - this case is still pending!
Best regards,
Nickie (aka Luke's mom)
This message was sent by Nickie Sekera / Luke Sekera using the system.:
 It's our water! Stop bullying my community! ." does not endorse contents of this message.
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Greetings friends,
Thank you so much for signing my son Luke's petition in hopes of stopping a 25-45
year corporate contract with Nestle and our town's municipal water supplier.
There was a great piece of investigative journalism in this week's Maine Sunday Telegram
which called out the decision-makers of the long-term contract for Maine's water
resources, all having conflicts of interest with Nestle. This clearly illustrates
the power and influence Nestle has within Maine's government at the state level.
Thank you all for your support - other towns in the US were outraged and defeated
Nestlé in their attempts at securing long-term water extraction contracts. We hope
to do the same with the pressure and attention from all of you.
Please feel free to share our petition with friends - this case is still pending!
Best regards,
Nickie (aka Luke's mom)
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 It's our water! Stop bullying my community! ." does not endorse contents of this message.
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Do You Watch "Cross Fire?"

I would have when younger but don't now.  Here's some info. which may interest all who watch the show or have heard of the organization "Rebuild the Dream".

Rebuild the Dream
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Join TeamVan

I have some exciting news to share with you.
This week, I become one of the co-hosts of
CNN’s Crossfire
 – the most famous political debate show in television history.
That means: for a few days a week, I will be debating the key issues, along with
Newt Gingrich, Stephanie Cutter and S.E. Cupp. I will be making the case for progressive
solutions -- before a national audience.
Of course, I will continue working feverishly and passionately as Rebuild The Dream's
(In fact: ALL FOUR Crossfire hosts are keeping our day jobs!)
But this new development does offer a bigger, additional platform from which to call
for positive change.
Here is what I know: I cannot do a good job by myself. I will need your help to get
the best ideas, arguments and insights into my head, every day. And Rebuild The Dream
will need to be strengthened organizationally to transform this opportunity into
major campaigns that make a difference.
Many have asked how they can help. Here are some easy ways for you to do that:
First, please join #TeamVan. Just
follow me on Twitter
tweet with me
using hashtag
#TeamVan. Also, please
like my page on Facebook
 to join the conversation in that arena. I will be stealing as many good ideas I
can to use on TV.
Second, help spread the word
. Share the attached image on your website, Instagram, blog, or whatever to get people
to join
. You can also forward this email to friends or people you think I should get to
Third, help strengthen Rebuild The Dream
. We are now in a more strategic position. At key moments, we will be engaging our
500,000 members -- driving change on issues from student debt to excessive incarceration.
Donate here
 to make sure we are ready.
Personally, I hope we raise $50,000 -- and double my
Twitter followers
 to 200,000, so that we can better compete with Newt and SE in the battle of ideas.
All you have to do is press the share button or the forward button. You know what
to do. It takes one second – one click – to make a difference.
So support Rebuild The Dream. And join
I’ll see you on Crossfire tonight,
September 10 at 6:30 PM ET
/3:30 PM PT!
P.S. One of the heated topics we’ll be discussing tonight is Syria. I’ve already
been vocal on why we should hold off on attacks, which you can watch
. I'd love to hear what you think.
Rebuild the Dream
Rebuild the Dream is fighting for an economy that works for everyone -- especially
young people facing too few jobs, too much debt, and threats to survival from guns
to climate change. You can
follow us on Twitter
, and
like us on Facebook

Dancing the Night

Dancing the Night

I have a dance troupe of dolls to portray in dance and music my favorite time, the night.  That time when the phone Doesn't ring, you don't have to spend hours on hold,  and no one you don't  want to speak to knocks on the door.  The time when a mind can walk free, if the body housing it is physically safe, wherever it wishes and artistic endeavors, whether in cooking or doll play or  hand work can proceed uninterrupted.

First there is Moroccan Barbie to dance the Sun down with lively Arabic music, beginning loud when the sun is just beginning to set, ending sweet and soft when it has.

Then a Barbie in an ombred dress of silver and blue, a ballerina, dances the sky dark.  Her skirt is fairly light at the bottom but graduates to darkness around her African American face.

Then a Winter Barbie in a dress of black and glitter dances the night sky filled with stars, only stars. She dances a sacred time of change over from one day cycle to the next.  Of course her face is dark, as night is dark.

Then another Barbie with the silver and blue dress dances in the beginning of sky lightening.  Her skirt is ombred from darkness to a light blue around the same face as her twin whose dress is the opposite.

Last comes the old Brazillian Barbie, a DOW. To dance in the dawn with her pinks and other morning colors.  Samba music beginning softly and increasing in volume, goes with , her  Samba outfit.
I have always referred to these five dolls as "my dance troupe" and kept them together in the same box. 

Unfortunately the dresses in ombred blue never got dyed by Ann, who Did dye the hair of Forest Jem.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Doll Story

Forest Jem

Hi, my name is Gem.  My mom spelled it Jem, but I like my name with a G.  That way it is the same as the beautiful stones which come out of the Earth, like a green emerald, or black onyx.

I work for a group which tries to tell the world when ordinary people, called civilians, are being harmed.  Sometimes these people are hurt by their own governments, or the army which  the government commands.  But other times they are kidnapped and injured by criminals or groups which want a country to do some particular thing.  So I have to sneak around a lot.

I dress this way because right now I mostly work in countries with a lot of forests.  I Love having green ombred hair, starting at the ends with a light green and graduating to  black on my head.  My friend Ann dyed my hair.   I'm the only person like me I've ever seen!  But my hair, brown shirt, and  black jacket, pants, and shoes also help me blend in quietly to the forest, when I'm waiting to meet someone who is scared to come forward and tell me what happened to them.  Sometimes I have to watch out for the bad guys too, and try to warn people to run away when they come around.  Then my dark colors of hair and clothing  help.

I believe that people are mostly trying to have good hearts and to care what happens to others.  You can be a person like this without doing the kind of work I do.  It's as simple as talking to a lonely neighbor when you don't really feel like it.  Just calming down and deciding to listen to someone can save a life, I know, I've done it.

Or maybe you will share food or money for food and medicine with hungry people in your city or even in another country.,

I hope we can be friends.  All it takes is that you care about somebody and do something to help.  Well, you kind of have to enjoy funny colors of hair too, and beads. 

Once a lady told me that I was like those birds who love to collect shiny things.  You know, like crows, ravens, magpies, birds like that.  She was right about me!  Every country I go to if anyone asks how they can thank me or wants to give me a gift I just say, "Do you know where I can find a nice bead or two?"

The beads aren't too expensive for people to give or make.  Each bead or group of beads reminds me of the country where I got it and the brave daring people I met there who had the courage to come forward and tell their stories.  So I wear this shiny necklace of mismatched beads.  Each is a different color.  Sometimes I even Find one dropped in the forest, either by a bird or by people who had to run away.

My necklace can be hidden by my jacket and shirt.  I also carry feathers or leaves I find or am given to hide my pale face and bright makeup.  My funny makeup is how people recognize me, that and my necklace.  So far, no creep has seen me long enough to copy either one.

Would you like to be my friend?
I'd like to be yours.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Personal Changes and Their Relationship to Dolls

First, I want to thank a kind Phily Collector for doing some research on my behalf!

Personal Changes and Their Relationship to Dolls

My entire family except for a niece, are all on antidepressants of some kind.  When my shoulder was injured last month I was given the pain reliever tramadol.  I slowly realized that even the next day, when the six hour effects had worn off, I was feeling more energetic and could concentrate, working through emotional crap better.  I also felt more optimistic.

So I researched this drug online and found it was related to a kind of antidepressant I have never taken. 

After a talk with my Dr. I'm gradually withdrawing from the meds. I was taking.  If I feel I need it, I'll try an SNRI antidepressant called Cymbalta.  Has anyone had experience with this medication?

I am trying to just take it slow, one day at a time, as I withdraw from my former medications.  Some days are rough, some have rough spots, and some are hopeful. 

In the meantime, during a panic attack I bought three dolls, haven't done that in a Long time!  They are all old ones.  One is a G.I. Joe who isn't as articulated as I'd hoped but I like his face, one is X-Man? Rogue, (to go with the Storm doll with a Mohawk which I already have) and one is an African American Avon doll because sometimes the Avon dolls are a bit more classy than Barbie.

I imagined setting up a Guard beside my bed.  I think you would call it a diorama.  It would be all the GS.5 women, Shadow, Kat, and Nikki of Cygirls, Storm, Rogue, and maybe a bionic woman by Hasbro.  I have an extra Vanessa dressed in black leather and you Don't want to mess with her!  But then I decided the Buddha statues on the shelf above my bed were enough, and so they have proved to be.  But I still think the picture of all those competent women would be cool!  Oh, I was going to add Electra, too.  She has black hair and two knife-like things.  Maybe A. J. McLeod from Cygirls and a spy called Gold Bird.  She is a light skinned AA ballerina now wearing a gold bodysuit and multi-colored skirt, courtesy of Britany Spears.  I never liked her music, but she had some killer clothes, the gold outfit, a red leather bodysuit, so when they were on sale I bought two or three of those dolls years ago for the clothes.  I could add Mulan in another Britany Spears outfit which looks like it came from a James Bond movie, but since I didn't set them up at all, I didn't.  Just the GS.5, Storm, the extra Vanessa, Electra, Rogue, and Shadow (why did she have to be a stereotype?) Kat, and Gold Bird,  that should have been enough to scare away the bad nightmares and past.

But as I said, the Buddhas have done fine.

I thought about Mr. G.I. Joe, but decided that unless he was the leader he might be overwhelmed by all those women and no other man to even Talk to.  So I took pity on him.

I could sell him in the box and Maybe make more money, but isn't anyone interested in what the poor guy looks like Out of uniform and who he might be friends with or date?  I always want to give military figures the respect they (male and female) earn in uniform, And a civilian life.  Nobody is Completely one dimensional.

In the meantime the woman making earrings had to drop off of my website due to disability reasons.  So I decided 1.  To sell some of my personal jewelry and possessions, things I had made for Ann, etc. and 2. I have started creating necklaces of all differing kinds of beads myself.  It's hard not to get afraid about money and think I have a right to nothing but work.  But I have to be a bit careful in handling my mind right now.  So maybe I'll tell some "Doll Stories" instead.  I've had stories for some dolls forever, like most of you collectors probably have.  As a multiple, there are some disturbing stories I won't tell, but some I can.

To begin with, that second Vanessa with shoulder length hair, dressed in black is Brilliant and scary, if she Wants to be.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Multi-Nationals Sue E.U. to Allow Bee Killing Pesticides Already Banned

Bayer has just sued the European Commission to overturn a ban on the pesticides that
are killing millions of bees around the world.
 A huge public push won this landmark ban only months ago -- and we can't sit back
and let Big Pesticide overturn it while the bees vanish.
Just last month, 37 million bees were discovered dead on a single Canadian farm.
unless we act now, the bees will keep dying by the millions.
 We have to show Bayer now that we won't tolerate it putting its profits ahead of
our planet's health. If this giant corporation manages to bully Europe into submission,
it would spell disaster for the bees.
Please join me in signing the petition to tell Bayer and Syngenta to drop their bee-killing
lawsuits now.
Thank you
 SumOfUs is a world-wide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations
accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy.
You can follow us on
, and like us on
Was this email forwarded to you?
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 to add yourself to SumOfUs.