Saturday, March 2, 2013

Who Are These Dolls?

Who Are These Dolls?

I have a little tribe of dolls with Mattel and dates from the 1970's on their backs.  Their heads and non-bending arms are made of a softer, rubbery feeling pplastic.  Their legs and bodies with non-turning waists are hard plastic.  Their knees bend farther than a Barbie dolls, as they are jointed, not filled with a wire.  Their faces are wider than Barbie and her friends.

The boy is about 9 to 9.5 inches tall with brown hair.  The girl is blonde and made to look like a young teen or pre-teen.  She is shorter than the boy at 9 inches tall.  There is a toddler sized (approximately Kelly sized) blond girl with two ponytails, a baby in a snuggie pack, and a "baby" with just a head showing above a stuffed oval cloth covered shape, (baby in a blanket) instead of the rest of the baby body.  I'm not sure if this last "baby" belongs to the same group or not.

I don't know if they are in original clothing or not, but though the girls of 9 inches are in floor length evening gown type dresses, all of these dolls have well made Cotton clothing.  The boy is wearing overalls and a shirt or a knit shirt and cotton pants.  

At first I thought they might be Barboid neighbors, the Heart Family?  But when I looked up that family they were all manufactured starting in the 1980's.

So who Are these strange little people with no parents who are Not shaped like Skipper or Kevin?

Thanks for any help you can volunteer.


  1. By Jove, I think you have THEM. The Sunshine Family or rather, the Sunshine Fun Family which included Steve (Dad), Stephie (Mom), Sweets, and Toddler Girl. The Sunshine Family first set had just Mom, Dad, and baby Sweets. There is a new blog focused on those dolls - I do not know if you will be able to access that link. It is spelled out as "" - I hope that helps you access the link. The blogger there writes nice descriptions of the dolls.

    I used to have the Sunshine Family and the Happy Family and the Sunshine Family's Grandparents. They are not in the Barbie circle although they could be shorter playscale people.

    I still have the Sunshine Family house ... somewhere.

  2. Oops ... Sweets is the toddler daughter while the baby was not named.