Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An Accessible Internet?

Trying out Blogger's new look (so they say) today.  It is with Thanks to Tech. Savvy Wendi that I can post at all!  Thought I would have to give up blogging for good, but she helped  me figure out how to Try and work with the new set up.  Those of you who are kind enough to read this will have to tell me whether it comes out looking like "word hash" or not.  I need to know.

According to the ADA, (Americans with Disabilities Act) there are certain standards of accessibility for disabled people which websites must meet.  And they generally don't.  What would an accessible internet mean?

For one thing it would mean I could shop online and save money at Toys'r-us, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, or Target.  I cannot drive to these stores.  And when I use my screen reader to go to any of these sites there are so many links that it can take hours just to find One thing I want.  I want to give credit where it is do, Amazon.com has an accessible website just for screen readers.  It leaves out no important categories but does away with unnecessary material.  This site puts whatever I have searched for on the page that pops up next.  It is easy to find.  Even their regular site is usable, but slower.  I get messages on the regular site that "Internet Explorer cannot" do something or other.  But if I skip past all of those many times repeated messages, link by link or with headings, I do eventually find what I want.

Amazon doesn't Have sales, that I know of, so I pay a higher price for an accessible site.  But without it I would Never get a new doll.

So, shall I start a petition on Change.org for a more accessible Net?  I think, as the ADA is more than 20 years old, that it's about time!

I een had a hard time Unsubscribing to one of the sites named above which bombarded my mailbox with Tons of sales I'd have Liked to take advantage of.  So if I have the money, Amazon gets my business.

This situation is Very Frustrating!

With Blogger, I hope I can still write.  But I have found No way to correct spelling mistakes, even when I Know I have made one.  I'm not sure you can Imagine the annoyance!

I cannot see it but am told that "way down on the page" of Amazon's regular site there is a link to their Accessible site.  Check it out.

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