Sunday, September 16, 2012

Does God Need Our Protection?

The following is a letter sent to the BBC.  If any of you kind readers are Muslim, maybe you can better help me to learn.

I am a member of a minority faith living in a predominantly fundamentalist Christian
area.  I am Frequently annoyed by people not thinking as they verbally trample over
what I believe.
I knew nothing about this obnoxious film mocking the Prophet Mohammed until the American
ambassador to Libya was killed with others, both Libyan and American.  I don't go
for looking for insulting garbage online or elsewhere.  I have not seen this film.
I confess ignorance and that is why I ask the following question.  If God is the
Mighty Creator of all beings who live, does He need people to Kill in His name to
defend His chosen Prophet?
When people trample over my beliefs I may tell them I don't appreciate it.  And sometimes
I don't bother, because I know they want to argue and win, not to be respectful or
learn.  What I have to remember is that those I believe in cannot be harmed by the
words or actions of others.  It is Me who gets angry or hurt feelings, not the Mighty
powers in which I place faith.
I have no problem with demonstrations of anger, saying, "For us this is unacceptable!"
But why Kill people and hold me and other respectful Americans responsible for the
offense, anger, and hurt created by one small group of Americans?  God will handle
this, will He not?
When people take violent action against a film or cartoon they Only draw attention
to it.  This kind of violent action makes people like me wonder What could have been
said or written?  It Increases the number of those checking out the hurtful and offensive
item to try and understand.  I will not watch this film or look for it online.  But
don't those who kill to protect the honor of the Prophet realize what they're doing?
They are deliberately demonizing people like me and they are making people Want to
read or watch the offensive item, in order to learn what caused such a reaction.
I do not believe God needs killers to defend Him or His Prophet.  So what is Truly
going on?

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