Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Drops in a Bucket DO Make a Difference

Good news, can you stand it?

You helped us save our home from foreclosure!! Now will you sign the petition to help Marilyn Peterson protect her home and therapy center for children with special needs?
Sign Marilyn's Petition
Teresa -
My husband, our seven children, and our aunt who is suffering from Alzheimers were
living out of boxes, ready to be evicted from our home of 19 years when we got the
call: our campaign on Change.org had worked, and the bank was finally agreeing to
meet with us to hear our offer to buy back our house.
I know that the only reason we were able to save our home and family farm was because
we started a campaign on Change.org.
 Before we started our petition, the bank refused to even meet with us because we
were in foreclosure. But after more than 200,000 people -- including you -- signed
my petition to US Bank, and dozens of people made phone calls on our family's behalf,
the bank finally agreed to meet with us.
Because of your help, we are unpacking those boxes in our home, which we now own.
Running this campaign to save my own house opened my eyes to how hard it is for homeowners
to get banks to work with them, and what a huge difference petitions like mine can
Then I found out about Marilyn Peterson.
 Marilyn is being threatened with eviction too, and is fighting to save her farm
and the horseback riding therapy center she runs, where she helps children with special
needs. If Marilyn is evicted, the 40 children who depend on her help will have nowhere
else to go for the care they need. When you stepped in to help me, we saved my home.
Will you join me now by helping Marilyn Peterson save her home, too?
Click here to sign Marilyn's petition and help her save her home and therapy center.
Having this ordeal behind us means that my kids were able to enjoy the holidays together
in our home -- with your help, I hope we can give Marilyn and her community the same
peace of mind.
Thank you so much for your help.
The Gearings
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