Friday, January 4, 2013

Personal, plus Deafness and Identification by Music

I'm slowly recovering from back injury.  No longer need walker in house, but still walkuing slowly.  Outside it's tricky because yard is uneven, I walk very carefully.  Dog seems to understand I can't do better, at first he Guarded me from the cat, now is very patient with my slow speed in the yard.  Thank you for kind wishes from Phily Collector!  Got a Latina doll in log dark pink dress for Christmas.  Her face is a bit more curved that the Teresa box-like face.  She has curly black hair.  I like her a lot, a DOW from Mexico.  But I Do get tired of Pink!

Still waiting on results of cancer test.

Deafness and Identification by Music

I just listened to an NPR piece by an African American woman raised in Canada who found a healthy outlet for her rage at the racism she encountered daily on the school bus and at school in heavy metal music. 

This started my thinking about the kinds of music I listen to and why.  Like Native singer and song writer Robert Mirabal of Taos Pueblo I miss the days when music was all mixed up.  Yah, I'm old.  And I can remember when Sly and the Family Stone might be on the same station as a hit from Bob Seger.  I can remember listening to African American church music and sermons on Sunday and B. B. King or some other blues artist on Saturday afternoon.  I listened to Deric and the Dominoes, Joni Mitchell, and Bill Withers.

Robert Mirabal in an interview talked about listening to rock, soul,  and Mexican music, as well as the music of his own people's ceremonies.

Today hearing impairment determines what I listen to more than other factors.  I am a words person in most cases and if the words come too fast, (as in hip-hop) or are over-musiced, (as in much of the rock now) I can't enjoy listening because I can't understand any words. 

I miss the days when music was all mixed up and I could understand what singers were telling me.  I also miss the days when I wouldn't have to fiddle with a radio dial to find an interesting mix of all kinds of music.

I Feel old when younger friends come in with a new CD. For me to hear and due to hearing impairment, all I get is a jumble of noise and voices.  I struggle to make sense of it and try to respond positively to what I can sort out, but it's difficult, saad, and frustrating.

What ever happened to "I like that because it talks to me, or just because I DO?"

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