Monday, November 11, 2013

Canary Song, Amazing!

I don't know how long it will last, but this felt like a small Miracle!
This morning when I heard the voice of a bird named Rafi who had died I knew I wasn't
hallucinating.  The first time it happened I wondered, a year or more ago.
But I Did doubt my ears.  It isn't uncommon for me to misunderstand a noise I hear.
I stood up from the breakfast table and listened, then listened again.  My canary
had learned to imitate Rafi during their long time sharing a cage, but could that
really be him?
Then he sang out a very distinctive canary song, Amazement!
He's supposed to be at death's door from "Canary Pox" a bird disease he caught from
A girlfriend (Fuzhead) who came from the pet store.  I've been caring for him as the vet instructed, and
he didn't sing all Summer.  I figured some morning I'd go in to feed him and he would
be gone.  Was he just saying "good-bye" or something this morning?
But no, I began playing the canary tape that used to set him singing and he's belting
out canary challenges to those unseen rivals for girlfriends!
It is canary breeding season, but it's cloudy today and canaries Love to sing in
the sunshine of Summer.
My cat, to whom I had become very allergic was adopted out to a good home last Friday.
Was That it?  No one skulking by the baby gate into his room, no one ocasionally
sneaking in and having to be retrieved by me through tricks?  I used to have to worry
terribly, go in and sit on the floor until my cat got curious about what I was doing.
Then I'd scoop him up fast, pet him until he was calm, and carry him out.  It could
take half an hour.  He would wander around the canary's cage, while the poor bird
laid flat against the floor, before he came over to check me out.
Was the canary singing because the cat was gone and he felt safe?

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