Monday, December 2, 2013

Finally, Justice for Some

Finally! After UltraViolet members spoke out for justice, a grand jury in Ohio has
indicted school officials who tried to cover up the horrible Steubenville teen rape
 Can you sign our card to Ohio AG DeWine to thank him for standing up to rape culture
and pursueing justice?
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HUGE news from Steubenville, Ohio.
This week,
a grand jury issued indictments against several people involved in the cover-up of
the terrible teen rape case
. A superintendent, principal, IT officer, and two coaches now face charges. The
two rapists were convicted and sentenced in juvenile court last spring.
For nearly a year now, UltraViolet members have been speaking out for justice for
the survivor in the rape case that shocked the entire country last winter.
Together, 200,000 of us demanded accountability for anyone involved in the rape or
in covering it up. Thank you.
Thanks in part to all the public pressure and media attention that the UltraViolet
community helped create,
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine stood up to rape culture and pursued justice--he
even met with UltraViolet members about the case earlier this year
. DeWine faced an uphill battle as there was tremendous pressure to sweep this case
under the rug.
Will you sign the thank you card to AG DeWine
 and show authorities everywhere that when they stand up to rape culture, we'll support
Sign the card thanking AG DeWine for rigorously pursuing justice in Steubenville.
It was a long, slow path to this point, and sometimes it seemed the world had forgotten
that an unconscious 16-year-old girl was brutally raped while other teens stood by,
watched, and even took photos and tweeted about the attack. Or that coaches, school
officials, and other authorities tried to cover up the crime and destroy evidence
instead of helping the survivor.
But while we've been waiting for justice in Steubenville, the UltraViolet community
has come together to fight rape culture time and time again.
 Here's just a few of the ways that UltraViolet members--that's you!--have made an
impact this year:
200,000 of us signed petitions demanding justice in Steubenville, and Ohio UltraViolet
members and our allies met with AG DeWine twice to deliver the petitions and urge
him to pursue the case.
720 of us chipped in to send a mobile billboard to Steubenville and keep the pressure
on local authorities. And many others attended rallies seeking justice.
We educated more than 2 million friends about rape culture with shareable graphics
on Facebook.
UltraViolet members have also stood up to rape culture in the media and on college
campuses. And last spring, we even convinced Reebok to stop promoting rape and end
their endorsement deal with rapper Rick Ross after he bragged in a song about drugging
and raping a woman.
And when other rape cases made national news, UltraViolet members jumped into action
again. We urged the Montana courts to sanction the judge in Billings, Montana, who
blamed a 14-year-old girl for her own rape and gave the teacher who raped her just
30 days in jail.
  And we rallied in support of teen Daisy Coleman from Maryville, Missouri, who bravely
spoke out about her rape, the failure of authorities to investigate, and the way
her family was bullied when they sought justice.
Thanks to the public outrage, Daisy's case has been assigned to a new prosecutor
who has promised to pursue it rigorously.
Now, we have to show authorities everywhere: You must take rape seriously--and when
you do, we'll have your back.
We can start by thanking AG DeWine for seeking justice for the Steubenville survivor.
 Can you sign the thank you card?
Add your name.
Thanks for speaking out.
--Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Karin, Malinda, Adam, and Gabriela, the UltraViolet team
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