Friday, December 13, 2013

Personal and Political

Personal and Political

I am still waiting for official documentation from the Division of Family Support in Mo. Saying that half of my income and all medical coverage won't disappear next month.  Am Cautiously optimistic.

Am trying to figure out how to access Facebook via Braille display computer.  As with many sites, this one is Not too user friendly to people with visual disabilities. Person who entered some facebook data For me misspelled a lot, Not due to disability, I didn't do it.  More jewelry available on site.

Weather here is treacherous, sleet, freezing rain, (not sure what the difference is) snow and rain all mixed, sidewalks and streets Slick!

My hope is that Each of you has a Safe, Warm, and enjoyable Christmas.  Get a doll!

Politically Important!  Multi-national corporations are gaining the power, with President Obama's approval, to sue Governments and force Nations to change their laws.  Who runs the Government?

The E.U. is being sued to Force that body to allow bee killing pesticides into its member countries.  Now, check this out.

Do you Really think it Can't happen in Our country?

Infinito Gold is threatening a $1 billion lawsuit against Costa Rica for rejecting
a toxic, open-pit gold mine after massive protests from local citizens.
Tell Infinito Gold to drop its lawsuit against Costa Rica.
Sign the Petition

Infinito Gold, a Canadian mining company, just
slapped Costa Rica with a $1 billion lawsuit because the nation decided to protect
its rainforests rather than host an open-pit gold mine.
Costa Rica’s
rainforest is lauded as one of the most beautiful in the world
, and is home to many endangered species, including the green macaw. Officials considered
approving the gold mine, but the use of toxic chemicals such as cyanide -- which
often leaks into and pollutes nearby lakes and rivers -- was
far too great a risk to allow the project to move forward.
A subsidiary of
Infinito Gold has announced that a massive lawsuit against Costa Rica is “imminent”,
so we need to act now.
 If thousands of us stand together against this toxic mine, we can show Infinito
that Costa Rica and other countries that are defending their natural resources will
not be silently bullied by corporate power.
Tell Infinito Gold to drop its $1 billion lawsuit against Costa Rica.
Open-pit gold mining in Costa Rica would destroy 190 hectares of pristine forest.
 The rainforest houses 5% of the world’s species and has seen tremendous growth in
the ecotourism industry. Over 75% of Costa Ricans oppose mining and have decided
that they cannot take the risk to move forward with gold mining in the country.
And Costa Rica is not the first to be sued by Infinito Gold. In 2001, Infinito Gold
locked Venezuela into a ten-year legal battle over a rejected mine. Fortunately,
Infinito lost.
We can make sure Infinito Gold loses again by standing up to its greedy tactics and
shameful behavior.
 Corporate profits cannot take precedence over the health of the people and the environment.
Stand up for Costa Rica’s rainforests -- tell Infinito Gold to drop the $1 billion lawsuit now.
Thanks for taking a stand,
Kaytee, Hanna, Katherine, Terryn, Kimberly, Jessica, Ledys, Fatah, Marie, Zermina
and the rest of us
P.S. Please help us up the pressure on Infinito by
sharing this petition on Facebook
 or forwarding this email to your friends.
More information:
All That Glitters
. Corporate Knights, 3 Oct 2013.
Calgary-based mining company suing Costa Rica for more that $1 Billion
. Global News, 4 Oct 2013.
SumOfUs is a worldwide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations
accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy.
Please help keep SumOfUs strong by chipping in $3.

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