Sunday, March 23, 2014

Important in So Many Ways

It's been almost a crazy month since I've written.  Explanation will follow as I have time.  But This is of major importance to all of us,  I think.

This concerns the Supreme Court's decision that a multi-national corporation has all of the legal rights of a U.S. citizen.  It allows corporations to get away with Much that they could have been Stopped from doing Before the Court's decision.  Look at the situation on bosses denying Birth control, not abortion, but simple Birth Control, to their female employees based on Their Personal Religious Beliefs!  And whatever happened to Freedom of Religion?

I do Not agree with all that this organization does.  But I Am behind this particular action.

Dear Friends and Activists,
The moment is NOW for undoing the existential damage done to our
democracy by the Citizens United supreme court decision.
We are off to a terrific start with more than 5,000 action page
submissions already, each going to all three of your members of
Congress. But we need YOUR voice too. We need everyone on this one.
End Corporate Personhood action page:
The good news is that there are identical twin joint resolutions
introduced in both chambers of Congress to clarify that where the
Constitution says "the people" it never intended to include
"corporations" of any kind.
The disgraceful news is that these resolutions have only 3 sponsors
in the Senate, and only 34 in the House. But that is only because
nobody yet has really jumped on this . . . until now.
And judging from the response of our participants, we are prepared to
go all in on this one.
It is incredible to us that ANY member of Congress would not sponsor
these resolutions to initiate formal amendment of the Constitution.
Do they purport to represent us?? Who do they think they are kidding?
Who do we think we're kidding . . . ourselves??
We are pledging to never again vote for any member of Congress who
will not get behind this.
We are pledging to never again give even a single dime to any member
of Congress who won't even go as far as stepping up as a sponsor of
these resolutions.
Last week our own inbox was subjected to what can only be described
as carpet bombing emails, crying "The whole world is going to come to
an end this very minute if you don't send us more money," from every
congressional campaign committee imaginable.
There is only one way we will ever support any candidate for Congress
every again, and that is if they have demonstrable proof that they
are fighting for us, the people. And the only primary evidence we
will accept from now on is a meaningful commitment to reverse
Citizens United.
Now let's do it.
End Corporate Personhood action page:
And after you submit the action page, check out our proposal for our
next full length feature, dramatic movie, Citizens United, The Movie,
to help build awareness of this movement. Read the first 6 pages of
the script on this page.
Citizens United, The Movie proposal:
Check out the demo of the second scene already posted, a faux defense
contractor spot to make a point of the extent to which corporations
have commandeered the concept of "We, The People." All we need to do
is get the REAL actors in to replace the stand-in voiceover we have
now, and that scene is finished.
Use the link there dedicated for you to give us your own comments and
suggestions about the new movie. This is your chance to influence our
production and creative decisions just as we expect our members of
Congress to heed us.
And if you are inspired to do so, request any of the policy advocacy
gifts related to all this, so that we can make the rest of this very
needed educational production a reality, just like our first dramatic
film complete and available for you now.
You may forward this message to any friends who would find it
Contributions to The People's Email Network are not tax-deductible
for federal income tax purposes.
If you would like to be added to our distribution list, go to
Or if don't want to receive our messages, just go to

Take Action Now

On March 25 the Supreme Court will hear two cases brought by for-profit companies
that want to deny their employees coverage for birth control. The bosses at Hobby
Lobby, a large chain of arts and craft stores, and Conestoga Wood Specialties, which
manufactures cabinets, are arguing that their personal religious beliefs should trump
the personal beliefs of their female employees, allowing them to evade the law and
deny their employees birth control coverage.
Decisions about my birth control are not my boss’s business. If you agree, add your name to the big banner.
This Is Personal
 will be at the Supreme Court on the day of the hearings to rally in support of birth
control coverage and to show America that every woman should have access to this
benefit, regardless of her boss’s religious beliefs.
You can be there with us. Add your name to the banner that we'll unfurl on the steps of the Supreme Court.
Already more than 27 million women have access to the birth control coverage benefit
under the new health care law. Birth control, one of the most frequently used women’s
preventive health services, is critical to women’s health and equality. Excluding
it from insurance coverage for women while covering the full range of preventive
care for men is discrimination—pure and simple.
If you agree — show it. You may not be able to be there in person, but you can still keep it personal. Add your name to the big banner.
Thanks for keeping it personal,
Thao Nguyen
Campaign Director
This Is Personal,
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