Thursday, February 27, 2014

I Cry Foul

I Cry Foul

Maybe Blogger will think this is a sports comment and let it pass, we'll see.  This shit is UUUgly!

Mining companies are destroying the rainforest. Chip in to stop them.

Costa Rica's rainforests are some of the most amazing places on earth. So when a
Canadian mining company wanted to put an
open pit, cyanide-leach gold mine in the middle of its most pristine forest, Costa
Rica didn't just say no. They said hell, no.
So what did the mining company do?
They sued Costa Rica for $100 million lost profits.
It's the latest strategy in corporate bullying: If a country won't let you do whatever
you want, then sue them for violating "free trade."
But Costa Rica is the tip of the iceberg. Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly sued Canada
to increase drug prices. Philip Morris has sued Australia over cigarette warning
labels. The list goes on and on -- and under proposed trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific
Partnership, we'll see an explostion of these kinds of lawsuits.
But fighting corporate bullies is exactly what SumOfUs was set up to do.
 Using the Internet to organize, our worldwide membership has the collective power
to stand up to big corporations, so countries like Costa Rica don't have to face
these corporate bullies alone. Can you donate $25 to help us take on these giant
corporations and win?
Yes, I can chip in $25 to help stand up to bullying by big corporations.
Shortly after Infinito Gold proposed its mine, Costa Rica banned the kind of destructive
open pit mining they wanted to do. And you'd think that would be the end of it --
but because of a so-called free trade agreement between Canada and Costa Rica, many
experts think Infinito Gold will win its lawsuit. If it do, Costa Rica will have
to pay a huge sum of money just because they decided to protect their forests.
Costa Rica is just one example of a growing trend of corporations bullying sovereign
governments -- and it could get a lot worse because of similar trade deals like the
Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) or the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
(TTIP) that could affect virtually all of Europe, Australia, Asia, and North and
South America.
So we're fighting back. First, we're blowing the whistle every time a corporation
tries to bully a nation like Costa Rica. Second, we're organizing to block new trade
deals like the TPP and TTIP.
Can you make a donation to help support these efforts?
Can you chip in $25?
Thanks for all you do,
Paul and the team at
 SumOfUs is a worldwide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations
accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy.

I thought the Republican Party stood for "Family Values."  There is a difference in "Family Values" and the values of the 1950's.  Why tear families apart when children tend to do better with two parents?  Why Not allow those parents to stay, pay their taxes, and learn English?

Reform Immigration FOR America
A Badge of Courage to Stand Up for Immigration Reform
There truly is "no place like home." Yet for millions in our community, homes and
families are torn apart due to a broken immigration system. In fact, more than 150,000
children are missing at least one parent who's been deported, and thousands more
face the pain of separation daily. Speaker of the House John Boehner has the power
to change this devastation by bringing an immigration reform bill to the House floor
for a vote. Yet, he remains silent and does nothing out of fear for anti-immigrant
extremists in the Republican Party.
Click here to tell Speaker Boehner that real leadership takes courage.
Since we began this fight, we have seen nothing but inadequate leadership from Speaker
Boehner on immigration reform.
 What started the year seemingly as a step forward with the GOP's introduction of
immigration principles led only to backpedaling just a few days later when the Speaker
claimed that he couldn't possibly put reform on the agenda because he couldn't trust
President Obama to enforce immigration laws.
Meanwhile, our families continue to wait for relief from the terrible threat of deportation,
and for reform that will allow them to stay together. While Speaker Boehner has the
power to end the ceaseless heartbreak of hundreds of thousands by bringing a bill
to the floor for a vote, he continues to sit on his hands out of fear of a small
but vocal anti-immigrant fringe of the Republican Party.
Like the Cowardly Lion from the children's tale "The Wizard of Oz," Speaker Boehner
has the ability to accomplish great things -- yet he lacks the courage to take the
first step.
Click here to send him a badge of courage and help him find the nerve to stand up for reform.
Millions of families are waiting for the threat of deportation to be lifted. They
are waiting for a reform bill that will allow them to live their lives without fear.
Speaker Boehner cannot continue to hide from his responsibilities. He must act quickly
and decisively to help our families. The first step is to stand up against anti-immigrant
extremists and to bring an immigration reform bill to a vote.
You can help the Speaker find his strength.
 Let him know that passing immigration reform is a priority for the American people,
that we support creating a path to citizenship for the undocumented. So let's help
him find his backbone by sending him some courage. Sign the petition and for every
signature we get, we will send Speaker Boehner a badge of courage. Together we can
show the Speaker that talk about immigration reform is not enough -- we demand action!
Help this cowardly lion stand up to Republican anti-immigrant extremists and do the right thing for our community. Add your name to send him some courage today!
With hope,
Donna De La Cruz
Reform Immigration FOR America


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