Friday, April 13, 2012

Selling Older Dolls

I have gone to the CPSC Government website and looked up recalls back to 2003. Except for a couple of small action figures and some fast food toys, there is NO recall of Dolls, just their accessories. Sometimes their kitchens, houses, etc. Are recalled due to Excess lead paint. And Plastic clothing is a No NO. But there are not recalls of fashion Dolls alone.

I have read that there is some concern about phthalate chemicals leaking out of older fashion dolls, but don't have any claification on this point. I've written the gentleman, Mr. Neal Cohen, who gave the webcast on CPSIA on April 5th. He has been very helpful, as I couldn't get some of the links to work which he suggested, and had to enlist the aid of a kind sighted friend toget info. from them.

Does anyone else know about laws concerning the resale of older fashion dolls to children? And is there a problem either with silk drapery scraps or upholstery brocade samples? I would appreciate info. being shared and will share any which I receive. Thanks.

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  1. I have only sold to adults on eBay or on doll groups. Then again, I did sell dolls to a teenaged buyer a few times. So maybe a younger buyer did purchase items from me; I just was not aware of that person's age. I am not aware of any rules against selling to children; then again, I was not aware of CPSIA until I came across mention of it on another website.

    I have a CPSIA query post that I started; I will try and get that up over the weekend.