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Thursday Blog

Thursday blog

You know, I never used to consider myself a radical.  But lately and increasingly there seems to be So Much to Object to!  I don't like always being political, there Should be and Is more to life.  But What am I to do?

The stock market has gone higher than before the crash, big banks are Still sitting pretty,BP Still made a profit even after "settling" with the people whose lives they may have destroyed,  college loans are set to possibly legally be allowed to Double their interest rates, if Congress doesn't act, disabled people are either losing or in danger of losing medical care, many Hard Working Americans Have No Medical Care, GMO foods Japan won't import and Europe marks so that consumers have a Choice of whether or not to eat them, but nothing like that happens here, and now This!  I thought large multi-national corporations ran the Government, and I seem to be finding More and More evidence of it each day. 

So many people are afraid because the life they Used to know is gone.  Sure, I'm scared too, but this isn't a reason to trash our only home, Earth, and one another!  It Could be an opportunity for us to Help one another With our fears.

I thought those on Neighborhood Watch duty were supposed to carry Radios, not guns.  Shouldn't the Police have been called if Treyvon Martin was doing something perceived as unlawful? 

Who is it ok to beat, rape, and kill in the U.S.?  Is it fine to kill or abuse someone for their sexual orientation?  How about Native American women, like the first U.S. soldier  to die in Iraq?  Is it ok to kill or beat her sisters here at home?  How about immigrant women or women who are here without documentation?  None of them?  I agree.  Then Why the Blazes is This about to happen?

Congress may actually fail to renew the Violence Against Women Act.
Can you sign the petition demanding that Congress reauthorize it right away?
click here Click Here
Dear Friend,
True story: Congress may actually fail to renew the Violence Against Women Act because
right-wing politicians are concerned that it protects too many people.
Really. Senator Grassley (R-IA) told reporters that he opposed the legislation because
it "creates so many new programs for underserved populations."
The reauthorization bill pending before Congress right now includes expanded provisions
that protect victims of abuse across the LGBTQ, undocumented and Native American
communities. Reporting of domestic violence has increased by more than 51% since
the Violence Against Women Act was passed in 1994.
Yet domestic violence still kills 3 women each and every day.
3 Let's be clear:
Victims of violence and abuse deserve protection--regardless of their ethnicity,
immigration status or sexual orientation.
Congress is getting away with this shameful attempt to water down the Violence Against
Women Act because hardly anyone is talking about it and most of their constituents
don't know this is happening. But the media is starting to pick up on this story
and if we speak out together loudly we can make it crystal clear: Voters are not
going to stand for politicians who play politics with women's lives.
Can you sign this petition telling Congress to pass the Violence Against Women Act
right away?
 We're joining with allies across the progressive movement to wage a major campaign
and make sure they hear from hundreds of thousands of outraged voters.
The Washington Post
 editorial board put it best: "A comprehensive committee report convincingly details
gaps in current programs as identified by law enforcement officers, victim-service
providers, judges and health-care professions. No one—gay or straight, man or woman,
legal or undocumented—should be denied protections against domestic abuse or sexual
violence. The proposed changes are by no means radical."
Here are some key facts about the Violence Against Women Act:
Before its passage in 1994, not all states had stalking laws, and many states had
weak laws against sex crimes.
Today every state makes stalking a crime. Every state has also strengthened its spousal
and date rape crime definitions.
The Violence Against Women Act has provided billions in funding to help training
and collaboration between law enforcement, shelters, and medical professionals. In
fact, funding from the bill trains more than 500,000 of these professionals every
Rates of homicide resulting from domestic violence for both women and men have dropped
dramatically. And incidents of domestic abuse have declined by as much as 67% over
the years.
The Violence Against Women Act has never been controversial before. In 2000 the reauthorization
passed the House 371-1, and the Senate 95-0. The last reauthorization was in 2005,
where it passed the Senate unanimously and the House vote was 415-4.
But now, because the bill is updated (and it gets updated and expanded at every reauthorization)
to protect immigrants, Native American communities and LGBTQ people, the right-wing
is opposed.
This is a matter of life and death. Congress needs to hear from you that you want
them to quit playing politics with people's lives and pass the updated Violence Against
Women Act right away.
--Nita and Shaunna, UltraViolet
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I Still want my Webstore, so, for what will hopefully be a bit of fun, I have a doll ID. Question.  This doll is a natural looking blonde, and just where a "tramp stamp"  would be is written "1987 Hasbro China H-22".  She has blue eyes and a healthy looking complexion.  Thanks for any help you can offer.

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