Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dolls of All Sizes

Dolls of All Sizes.

If I Ever find a Tonnor doll in good condition, (every sighted person who has seen them talks about them looking believable) I will get it.  Don't care about box or clothing.  Dressing one would be a challenge.  I have heard that the "Jean" dolls look more similar than versions of Tyler Wentworth.  Do they?

The only Nattive American dolls I've found which look believable, according to sighted friends are porcelain.  Blind people, cats, and Porcelain don't mix well.  Does anyone know of Affordable Native American cloth dolls?  I remember this Incredible quilt made by a Cherokee lady in Oklahoma.  All of the people on the quilt were stuffed dolls with yarn hair, maybe four inches tall, and stood out from the quilt, although they were a part of it.  I am too deaf to know if this style, when applied to carving is called "bar relief" or "Ba relief."  But the people in scenes on the quilt were done in this style.  Who would put a work of art like That on for a Bed cover?

I would also like to find a Genny, (I've heard they all look pretty much alike except for color, do they?)  Lots of older dolls on my wishlist.

Are all Darcy dolls blond Maxie clones?  If not, I'd be interested in them too.  For that matter, did Maxie and Robbie ever have any friends other than Ashley the tanned redhead?  I like Hasbro dolls, if they don't all have the same face.  In my "Babysitter's Club" set, Christy and  Malory, feel like they have the same face.  Claudia's is different.  I don't have Mary Ann or Jessie. 

Does Reya of the Jem dolls look like she could be Latina?  That is an elusive and expensive doll.

Most G.I. Joes and male action figures (Jackie Chan) are beyond my budget, too.

So I find and enjoy what I can.  I have purchased a Journey Girl Taryn from Toys'R-us, and when I found a Karito Kids doll cheap on Amazon, I got Lulu too.  I already had an 18 inch BFC Yuko doll who looks more like a 13 year old than a little kid.

Guess I just Love dolls, so long as they aren't babies, or too small to enjoy by feel.  Honestly, all Kelly sized dolls feel pretty much alike to me, except for their hair and clothes.  Since their faces are too small to distinguish by touch, my favorites are the ones dressed up like animals, Belinda the Snail, two little lions, a ladybug, and a couple of frogs.  These are fun to touch as are a few of the dressed up ones, a wizard, witch, Desir`e Angel,  and two little elves.  There is also a aLeanne with a telescope and stars on her pajamas, I think.

But for anyone interested, Making clothes for larger  dolls has proved fun and a real challenge.  For one thing, unless elastic waists are used, all 18 to 21 inch dolls I have touched are thinner than American Girl dolls.  I understand from sighted people that the American Girl dolls are proportioned like living little kids in this country.  Maybe, since they are supposed to represent 8 year olds, other dolls who are supposed to be around 11, like the Journey Girls, Karito Kids, and Carpatina dolls have grown out of their childish plumpness.  But the 19 inch Vanange dolls who are supposed to be age 7 are also thinner.

This means that I really need to fit the clothing made To a Specific size of doll.  American Girl dolls are too chunky to wear clothing for Journey Girls or BFC. 18 inch dolls.  For Karito Kids or Vanange dolls of more than 18 inches, the length of clothing must also be adjusted. 

I have read that Journey Girls and American Girls can wear the same clothes.  Not so, unless Journey Girls and for that matter BFC. Dolls Like wearing baggy American Girl clothing.  The Carpatina dolls which are the same size as Magic Attic
Dolls are a completely Different body type.

I have endured a Lot of frustration, but also enjoyment in sewing for these dolls.  One pattern I bought, supposedly for an American Girl doll was followed exactly.  But the only way to make the dress Fit was to turn it upside down, sewing the straps on what the pattern claimed was the Bottom of the dress.  Ok, well it worked anyway.

If anyone has the time, I'd appreciate answers to the doll questions above.  Thank you.


  1. Darci is taller and bigger than Maxie. Maxie could be Darci's daughter. They have different faces, too. Darci has a longer face; Maxie's face is shorter and younger. Darci could have pale blonde, auburn, or dark brown hair and blue eyes. Maxie was only blonde. Darci was a little over 12" like the Jem dolls while Maxie's body is closer to your Kenner Babysitters Club dolls. If not the same as the Babysitters Club dolls ...

    Maxie also had a curly-haired blonde friend named Carly who looked a lot like Maxie and one Black friend who was named Kristin her first year out and then Simone the next year. Shrug. I have Kristen but not Carly. Had Maxie some time ago, but sold her. I think that Kristin had the same head mold as Carly and/or Maxie, but I will have to check on that.

    Reya looked ummmm passably Latina. I haven't seen her online photo in some time. I think she had an open mouth opposed to some Jems and Shana.

    There are online stores where you can get nude 12" guys for $5.00 and up. You want to avoid the dressed ones because they charge you for all the gear aka junk, lol - that you may not want.

    Hope this response helps. I'm not informed about the larger dolls.

    I checked on that phrase, bas-relief, because I was not sure of the spelling, but it is b-a-s with a hypen and then relief.

  2. Tyler Wenteorth is a 16" vinyl fashion doll by Tonner Doll Compny. Tyler is one of many sculpts, and new sculpts are developed all of the time. The company also makes other dolls, including 22" American Model fashion dolls, and more childlike dolls. If you wast to see some of the many fashion doll sculpts, check She keeps a reference list of the different sculpts.
    There are many artists worldwide who repaint the faces of these dolls. I found your post during a search for an American Indian costume for one of the dolls I have that was repainted to look like an American Indian Woman (Sorry, she is not for sale).
    Paradise Galleries sells a dressed 16" native fashion doll, but she has very little articulation. If that is not an issue for you, that may be your best bet. The Tonner dolls started with little articulation, but now have articulated wrists, upper torso, knees, and ankles on some.

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