Saturday, June 30, 2012

Egg Missles and Booze Breakers

Egg Missles

A friend from our deaf-blind listserv sent the "Egg Missles" story and it reminded me of a funny thing which happened to me.  This is Sunday's post, early.

The Eastern Seaboard ain't the only ones frying.  We have fire hazard warnings out and it was 100 today.  I know, you guys had higher temperatures.  But out watering the garden it's hard to tell sweat from humidity or accidental self-dousing with the garden hose sometimes.  Can't get my hearing aids wet, or I'd go soak my head!

Hey Sheila
This reminds me Very much of something which happened to me years ago when I had
more hearing.  It would be more dangerous now, but I think it's funny.
A friend gave me a small bottle of raspberry liqueur for a Christmas present.  It
went up in the cabinet.
One night I was making Indian fry bread in deep fryer.  I reached into the cabinet
to get something, Splash went the bottle of booze into deep fryer.  Uh-oh!
Grab scoop to fish it out, I heard a distinct  little " Plink," unlike any noise I've Ever  heard before.   I know glass is about to shatter.
Rush to sink, deposit bottle as fast and gently as possible, bottle says "crack!"   My Seeing Eye dog Always follows me into the kitchen to hoover up any crumbs dropped.  She's Right behind me.  I drop on her with my whole body, covering my head with my arms, BOOM! Bottle blows.  We're both ok, but glass shards and hot sticky booze scattered around.  When I first
told a blind hearing friend about it his first words were, "oo, cool!  What kind
of a Noise did it make?"
When Ann came to live at my mobile home one of her first questions was, "What's that
big brown stain on your ceiling,  above the sink?"

Not as well told as your story, but still funny.
I gave away the deep fryer when I decided fry bread wasn't good for me anyway.

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get ready to laugh!
First time it ever happened...I put eggs on to boil...forgot about them...went to
my office. Later...POP! POP!! Hey what's that? Sniff..sniff..oh crap the eggs! Running
to kitchen...missiles eggs flying...DUCK!! Run....grab pan..throw into
another missile! Whew...sweep up...let dogs in to find the missing yolks.  Now a  couple weeks later..this morning I was in the kitchen talking to my
partner. Suddenly she says.."why are there eggshells stuck on the ceiling?" ROFL!!!!

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  1. Hot and unpleasant is hot and unpleasant; the numbers don't matter. Hot, humid, icky, sticky weather sucks regardless.

    Wow, that must have been something scary - the bottle blowing like that. Shudder. Glad that you and your dog survived and that you had a good laugh about it.