Wednesday, December 5, 2012

This Could be Fun

Heard about some new dolls I didn't know about.  And Hopefully, some of these "nonsexist toys" will appeal to boys as well!

The toys listed are not all dolls.

Personal note:  Cancer check tomorrow.  Usually I don't worry about these things.  But I'm on such a strict diet that it forces me to give careful cnsideration to literally Everything that goes into m mouth, constantly Reminding me.  Mental and emotional detox. continues, though Thankfully, at a slower pace.
I have acquired a router to download books o

download books onto my Kindle Keyboard.  It is playing Major havoc with my attempts to access internet, and just now, to read anything I have written.  I hope this comes through in a somewhat legible form.

I wil be glad when tomorrrow is over and I know if hard choices and unpleasant tests await me or do not!

Now, fo the fun, see below.

Can you help decide which gifts make it into the
UltraViolet Holiday Gift Guide: A 21st Century Guide to Non-sexist Holiday Shopping
It's easy and really fun to vote for your favorite gifts.
click here
Click Here
Last week UltraViolet members nominated thousands of awesome gift ideas for our "21st
Century Guide to Non-Sexist Holiday Shopping."
The ideas submitted were amazing and inspiring, like Sarah H., who nominated GoldieBlox,
a toy set meant to get girls interested in engineering or Jacquelyn I., who nominated
the Go Go Sports Girls! dolls of female athletes.
There's just one problem:
There are TOO MANY awesome gift ideas.
So we need your help.
Can you take a minute to click below and vote on a few of your favorite nominations?
 Voting is really easy and really fun--maybe even addictive.
And it will help us ensure the best of the best ideas make it into the final gift
Vote for the best non-sexist gifts.
If you've shopped for a gift for a young girl lately, you've probably noticed that
it seems like all the options are pink, princess-themed, and sparkly. There are great,
empowering toys, books and movies out there, but it can be really hard to find them.
That's why we wanted to put together a non-sexist gift guide--using the UltraViolet
community to choose the best gifts.
UltraViolet members have nominated over 1,200 gift ideas. Now, we need you to help
choose which will make it into the final gift guide.
Will you take a few minutes to vote on which toys, games, books and movies should
be included in the final guide?
Voting only takes a second and you can rate as many--or as few--as you like. Even
one or two clicks will help us make sure the final gift guide includes only the best
gifts out there.
After members have voted, we'll publish the gift guide on our website, Facebook,
and as a printable list in early December--just in time for holiday shopping. But
first, we need you to vote on your favorite gifts.
Vote for the best non-sexist gifts.
Thanks for helping out!
--Nita, Shaunna, Kat and Karin, the UltraViolet team.

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