Friday, December 7, 2012

We Can Help Stop This

Below is a letter I sent to my local Buddhist group, or Sangha.  It deals with the law going through the legislature in Uganda allowing gay or lesbian people to be put to death.  Please read and consider this.

Thank you.

Dear Sangha,
In general I do not believe in interfering with the policies of another government.
But I do believe that Buddhism calls upon me to care about the suffering of others
both in my country and others.  I also believe that Buddhism calls upon me to not
judge others and to "non-discrimination" toward others.
It is for these reasons that I forward the E-mail below.
If you go to this organization's website and try to help save the lies of LBGT people
in Uganda, you will get more E-mails from this group.  But you can Always Unsubscribe.
Isn't that hassle worth trying to save the lives of fellow human beings?
One Ugandan Government official has stated that instituting the death penalty for
homosexuals would be "a Christmas present for the Ugandan people."
Please read the info. below and consider helping.
Respectfully Submitted,
Thanks for standing with LGBTI Ugandans in calling for Pepsi to publicly oppose the
Ugandan "Kill the Gays" bill. But it's going to take all of raising our voices to
win this life-or-death campaign.
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your friends?
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Thank you,
Kaytee and the rest of us at SumOfUs
Dear Friends,
In Uganda, it’s already illegal to be gay. But some government officials -- with
support from American evangelicals -- want to take government-sanctioned homophobia
a step further. They’ve proposed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill that would, among other
things, institute the death penalty for “aggravated homosexuality”.
But I know that if Pepsi, which has a huge presence in Uganda, speaks out against
the bill and the harmful effect it would have on investment and economic development
in Uganda, it would force Ugandan officials to put the bill on hold -- or even pull
it entirely.
Can you join me in adding your name to our petition to Pepsi, telling it to speak
out against this horrific “Kill the Gays” bill that’s racing through the Ugandan
Thank you!
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