Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Children Need Our Help

While I certainly am against the exploitation of children I can see situations in which a fourteen year-old might be needed to work to help keep a poor family alive.  But because there is no guarantee of safety for such a child I do support this proposed bill in India.

Walk Free: The Movement to End Modern Slavery
* You are receiving this message because you took action on
 urging the Indian Parliament to end enslavement of Indian children. *
Dear ,
Thank you for urging the Indian Parliament to pass the Child and Adolescent Labour
Abolition Bill to ban the employment of children up to 14 years old.
Will you take a moment to forward the message below to 3 of your friends asking them
to show their support and put an end to the enslavement of millions of Indian children?
Thank you,
The Walk Free Team
urging them to end the enslavement of Indian children.
Last year, politicians in India passed up on the chance to protect millions of children
from the nightmare of modern slavery. The Child and Adolescent Labour Abolition Bill
would prohibit the employment of children up until 14 years of age and yet, the Indian
Parliament failed to put it to a vote during its session last December.
Every day that this bill is delayed, the children of India remain at risk of being
bought and sold to work in unimaginable conditions of sex slavery, bonded labour
and domestic servitude.
Child rights groups in India and the rest of the world have called on the Indian
Parliament to prioritise the Child and Adolescent Labour Abolition Bill but we need
your help to build massive public pressure that leaders in India cannot ignore.
Join me in telling Indian politicians to immediately pass the Child and Adolescent
Labour Abolition Bill.
Thank you,
Walk Free is a movement of people everywhere, fighting to end one of the world's
greatest evils: Modern slavery.
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A 15-year-old girl was raped by four young men who posted pictures of the assault online and bullied her until she committed suicide. I'm calling for an investigation into why Rehtaeh's rapists were never arrested.
Sign Sherri's Petition
Teresa —
Trigger warning: this email contains information about sexual assault that may be
upsetting to survivors.
My friend Leah's daughter, Rehtaeh Parsons, was a great kid. She loved art, had a
huge heart, she always fought for the underdog, animals and human. But everything
changed one horrible night in November of 2011. Rehtaeh went over to a friend's house,
and there, she was raped by four young men.
The young men posted pictures of the assault on Facebook and emailed them around
their school. They bullied Rehtaeh relentlessly; they called her a slut. She was
only 15.
Last week, Rehtaeh killed herself. She couldn't take the pain anymore.
Local investigators in Canada, where Rehtaeh lived, looked into Rehtaeh's assault
for a year.
They said it came down to a "he-said, she-said" situation and never filed charges
even though thousands of people had seen photos of the assault.
The authorities refused to get justice for Rehtaeh, and that is not acceptable. I started a petition on Change.org calling for an investigation into why the police didn't take meaningful action for Retaeh. Will you click here to sign?
It seems like every time on the news, I'm seeing another horrible story of a young
girl being raped and then blamed for what happened to her. And it's devastating.
But I'm also seeing something else: People are fighting back. They're standing up
to say this is wrong, and it has to change.
In India, thousands of signatures on a Change.org petition contributed to ensuring
speedy trials of 6 young men accused of a gang rape in Delhi. In America, dozens
of petitions sprang up around the rape of a young girl in Steubenville, Ohio, calling
for fair coverage from CNN and for the coach who defended the rapists to be fired.
People all over the world are demanding that authorities take rape seriously: punish
those responsible and stop calling victims sluts. I won't stop fighting until we
get justice for Rehtaeh. If thousands of people not just in Canada, but all over
the world, sign my petition, I know Canadian authorities will see that writing this
off as "he-said, she-said" is not an option anymore.
Click here to sign my petition for an investigation into why the police didn't arrest the four young men who raped Rehtaeh, posted photos of the assault on the internet, and bullied her until she took her own life.
Thank you for standing with Rehtaeh.
Sherri Bain
Halifax, Canada
Sign Sherri's Petition
: Change.org - 216 W 104th St., #130 - New York, NY 10025. USA
This kind of foulness Must be stopped!

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