Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Doll Prices and Clothes for Guys

I am sorry for not writing in so long.  I've had a sick cat, (still do) a sign language class which isn't working out so well, a sick self, (Explosive stomach virus) and a deaf-blind social plus lots of sewing.  But the website builder has the first set of thirty-one pictures of dolls to be sold.  Actually, more like sixty pics. as most come with two outfits, shoes and purses for each, and a hair brush or pick.

Meanwhile, there is the eternal squable of cutting Medicaid and Not expanding it under the Affordable Care Act, (aka Obamacare) as state legislators Could, to cover the working poor. 

So, let's talk about something more frivolous.

Doll Prices and Clothes for Guys

I have some dolls which simply seem to be unavailable online anymore, so I don't know how to price them.  For instance, a "first wave" Drew Berrymore (can't find her name correctly spelled, sorry) in original outfit.  I think it was Jaks Pacific who sculpted these dolls, but they have the names of movie industry companies on their backs instead.  Does anyone remember them?  They were made with soft rubber torsos and had the proportions of a human female, (the actresses themselves, it was said) and the faces of the actresses playing the second run of "Charlie's Angels".  How do you price something you can no longer find?  Another example is Bionic Woman dolls by Hasbro.

More surprises coming when "abilitieslive.com" launches later this month.

I also have some male dolls I like a lot.  One of them is made simply, an AA Concert Date Ken, (aka Steven.)  I like his dimples and his face and hair.  But Really Mattel, guys are wearing Colors now and looking Good in them!  All of my old guy doll garments are Boring!

There's gray, green, blue, and brown.  Nothing wrong with any of these colors if they are paired with something Brighter.  I Love colors, so are there any patterns for Ken or Steven clothing which I can adapt to my own taste in cloth?  I haven't found any.


  1. Sorry to hear that you and your cat have been ill. Hope you are getting better.

    I would investigate current pricing on dolls no longer selling in stores - "dolls on the secondary market" - by checking eBay's Completed Listings. There was one NRFB Drew Barrymore doll who sold for $17.99. Another auction had both versions of the Charlie's Angels Drew character sold for $32.99.

    Let me know the Jakks Pacific Drew doll's details and I will put up a For Sale post for her on my blog - smile.

    The only Ken patterns I have are on a CD from Perestroika. I have not tried them yet - yikes, I know, so slow am I!

    Hope this information helps.

  2. The YNU Group Mixis dolls now have doll clothes patterns on their website! I HAVE to get a pants pattern. Sigh.

    I am curious if the new website is more accessible for you. I hope it is.