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The Politics of Insane, Sex, and Race

The Politics of Ridiculous, Sex, and Race.

When I get messages like this I do believe there are ridiculous prosecutions which should Never take place.  No problem believing in the ridiculous.  But I have to wonder if I'm being given all of the facts.

I have never heard of the people involved with this petition.  So I'm Not trying to harm any of them.  The mother in question wasn't drunk, or they would have charged her with "Driving Under the Influence" wouldn't they?  Even in this case I don't think prison would help.

Did she have any history of child abuse, or is this as insane as it seems?  I signed the petition, (what good does prison do anyone if this was an accident?)  but I always hope I'm getting the relevant facts.
A young mom is being threatened with jail after her two young children died in a car accident in a Colorado snowstorm. Ask the DA to drop charges against Jamie Dowling.
Sign Bernadette's Petition
On March 9, young mom Jamie Dowling was driving her two small kids, Landyn and Raylee,
on a snowy stretch of Colorado highway. Jamie was driving slowly, and her kids were
safely buckled in, but the roads were bad. Jamie hit a patch of ice, her car careened
into another lane, and she was hit by oncoming traffic. Jamie was a nurse, and she
tried to save her kids' lives, but she couldn't. Landyn and Raylee both died that
Now the local District Attorney is charging Jamie with two counts of "careless driving
resulting in death," threatening to send a grieving mom to jail.
My parents live right near the spot of the crash -- so close that they heard the
accident happen. In fact, my stepdad was the first person on the scene, 20 minutes
before the ambulance arrived. When he got there, he said Jamie was trying to revive
her son, who was already dead. My stepdad had to pry Landyn out of Jamie's arms just
to get Jamie out of the car.
Jamie Dowling has already been through a horrible, unimaginable ordeal in losing her children in a car accident. I started a petition on asking District Attorney Dan Hotsenpiller to drop his charges against Jamie. Will you click here to sign?
Jamie still struggles everyday to move forward from the death of her children. Landyn
was 5, he loved cows and horses. Raylee was just 2, her favorite color was pink,
and she thought everything should have sparkles. Jamie had moved her family from
Texas to Colorado just a week before the accident, and the whole family was excited
for a new start.
My parents were there for the worst moment of Jamie's life, watching her struggle
to save her children even though they were already gone.
We don't understand why the DA is insisting on dragging out Jamie's nightmare; it
doesn't make any sense to us.
 But we were there for Jamie that day, and we're going to keep standing with her
I know other petitions on have prompted District Attorneys to drop unfair
charges before -- I hope that if thousands of people sign my petition, DA Hotsenpiller
will end his senseless prosecution of Jamie Dowling.
Click here to sign my petition demanding that DA Dan Hotsenpiller stop prosecuting grieving mom Jamie Dowling.
Thank you,
Bernadette Bifano
Leadville, CO
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Mailing Address:
- 216 W 104th St., #130 - New York, NY 10025. USA

Sometimes we win!

Reebok just fired Rick Ross--the rapper who brags about raping a woman on his new
Can you sign the thank you card?
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YOU just dealt a big blow to rape culture.
Thanks to 100,000 UltraViolet members and our allies who spoke out, Reebok just ended
their endorsement deal with Rick Ross
, the rapper who brags about raping a woman on his recent single. The 90,000 petition
signatures, 10,000 phone calls, 2,000 tweets, the letter signed by 500 rape survivors,
and the nearly 100 people who rallied at Reebok's New York City flagship store sent
a clear message: we won't stand for a company that rewards rape.
And Reebok listened. In fact they issued a strong statement, saying "We are very
disappointed [Ross] has yet to display an understanding of the seriousness of this
issue or an appropriate level of remorse."
When a company does the right thing, it's important that we thank them
--so we're going to send them a thank you card, signed by thousands of UltraViolet
members. We'll also send the card to the press to help Reebok get good publicity
for taking a stand against rape.
Can you sign the card?
Sign the thank you card to Reebok.
This isn't just a blow to Rick Ross--it's going to have an impact on how companies
like Reebok choose their spokespeople in the future.
We showed companies all over the US--and all over the world--that rewarding rape
is not just wrong, it's a bad marketing strategy.
After Todd Akin, Rick Ross, Steubenville, and far too many similar stories, it's
clear we have a lot of work to do together to end rape culture. But right now, we
need to take a moment to thank Reebok, and show companies everywhere that if they
stand up for women, it will pay off.
 Can you sign the thank you card?
Sign the card.
Thanks for speaking out,
Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Malinda, and Karin, the UltraViolet team
The Scoop: Reebok drops Rick Ross
, Boston Herald, April 12, 2013
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Then sometimes we Hope to win.  The fact that a former prosecuter is in on this petition makes me hopeful.
I was a prosecutor in a case that used race-based testimony to sentence Duane Buck to death. Now, I'm calling for the state of Texas to spare his life and grant him a fair sentence.
Sign My Petition
In 1997, I was one of the prosecutors in a court case that used race-based testimony
to sentence to death Duane Buck, who's black.
At the time, I was an Assistant District Attorney in Harris County, Texas and Mr.
Buck was being tried for murder. During the trial, an "expert" witness named
Dr. Walter Quijano was permitted to testify that being black increases the likelihood
of 'future dangerousness'.
 That testimony in part led to the jury sentencing Mr. Buck to death.
Mr. Buck committed a terrible crime and deserves to be punished, but
he does not deserve to be sentenced to death because of the color of his skin.
That's why I started a petition on calling on Harris County District Attorney Mike Anderson to allow Duane Buck a resentencing hearing so he can serve a sentence based on his crime and not his race. Click here to sign my petition now.
Three years after Mr. Buck's trial, the Texas Attorney General actually promised
that he'd get a new, fair sentencing hearing. This was along with six other men who
were sentenced unfairly because of similar testimonies in their own trials.
Those six other men have received their hearings, but not Mr. Buck.
I started my petition in the hopes that District Attorney Anderson will act to make
sure that our justice system is not tainted by unconstitutional considerations of
race -- and that begins by having a new, color-blind sentencing hearing for Duane
Please click here to sign my petition now, calling on District Attorney Mike Anderson to grant Duane Buck a resentencing hearing.
Thank you.
Linda Geffin
Senior Assistant County Attorney
Houston, Texas
Sign My Petition

Address: · 216 W 104th St., #130 · New York, NY 10025

But then we are discussing Texas government.

And last but not least, the Earth we all need to live.  People need jobs, no question.  If our Federal Government gave green energy startup companies the subsidies it gives big oil there would Be more Jobs and we could Lead the world instead of waiting to buy alternative fuels from India, China, or Brazil.

Big Oil has used every trick in the book to stop images of last week’s devastating
Exxon tar sands spill from leaking out -- but a few courageous investigators have
managed to sneak photos out anyway.
If enough of us chip in $3 or more, we can
plaster the DC Metro with the leaked images and make sure State Department employees
deciding the fate of the Keystone XL pipeline see
 what’s really at stake when they make their decision this month.
Please Donate

Last week, an Exxon pipeline ruptured and
an entire neighborhood was blanketed in thick, toxic tar sands crude.
But no major media outlets have been able to cover the story in-depth, because Exxon
has used every trick up its sleeve to keep its environmental catastrophe out of the
Exxon convinced the FAA to institute a no-fly zone
 overhead to stop information from leaking out,
threatened a reporter with arrest
, and is accused of
paying off local law enforcement
 to harass independent investigators.
The oil industry is deeply invested in preventing coverage of the leak. It knows
that in these images, it has a PR disaster on its hands. If the public sees them,
Big Oil is worried we will connect the dots between these spills and the proposed
Keystone XL
 pipeline that’s up for approval right now. If approved, the pipeline would traverse
thousands of miles of backyards and watershed,
carrying millions of gallons of the very same tar sands crude
 that spilled last week.
Oil executives are lying awake at night,
worrying that people will see the powerful images
 leaking out of Mayflower, Arkansas -- of crude-soaked backyards and men in hazmat
suits power washing tar sands into storm drains --
and turn against the Keystone XL pipeline for good.
Let’s make sure Big Oil’s grand plan backfires, by
getting those leaked images in front of the very people who Big Oil is most worried
will see them -- State Department employees
 who could stop the Keystone XL pipeline from even happening.
Can you chip in $3 to plaster leaked images of the Exxon disaster all over the Washington Metro station used by State Department employees? The ads will make it impossible to forget the real danger of pipelines while they’re deciding the fate of the Keystone XL pipeline.
There remains one way to stop the Keystone XL,
 and regular State Department employees are key to the strategy. If we can get the
State Department to
 reject the northern tier of the pipeline due to its devastating environmental impact
, then the northern tier will never be built, carbon emissions could be reduced,
we could prevent the “game over for the climate” predicted by a NASA scientist, and
communities along the path of the pipeline will be saved from experiencing what Mayflower
residents are living with today.
Right now, the State Department is
inundated with comments from people across the country as it contemplates approving
or rejecting the KXL pipeline
. These tens of thousands of comments are being reviewed by mid-level State Department
officials, who have heard over and over the dangers this pipeline poses -- including
the near inevitability of a massive oil spill in a backyard or watershed. But what
we could show
 the awful impact of a tar sands spill
Imagine these State Department officials getting off the subway at the Foggy Bottom
subway stop, just down the road from their office.
The first thing they see before heading up to work
, and the last thing they see leaving the office at night,
are images of the Mayflower disaster
, lakes coated in tar sands, and a community laid to waste, looking like a post-apocalyptic
disaster zone.
If we can
blanket the Metro station by the State Department with these images that Exxon has
worked so hard to suppress
, then when it’s time to make that critical decision on whether to move forward with
KXL or leave it in the dust,
the first thing that will come to mind for employees are the images of the devastation
 that tar sands leaks will create across the entire path of the KXL pipeline.
Click here to chip in $3, or whatever you can afford, to make sure the State Department employees deciding KXL’s fate have all the information about what the inevitable tar sands pipeline leaks really look like.
Exxon’s obfuscation and evasion is hardly a surprise. Indeed,
it’s all part of Big Oil’s tried and true playbook for spills like this
. Every time one of these spills happens, the oil company’s PR team shifts into high
gear, evading questions about everything from the quantity of oil spilled to the
impact on the environment to the potential health effects experienced by communities
years after the cleanup is “complete”.
Over the decades of experience with spills -- including
four other oil spills in North America in the past two weeks alone
 -- Big Oil has gotten very, very good at making sure people don’t connect the dots
between each spill and each new pipeline project. But we’re getting better too. Independent
investigators have
snuck past Exxon’s hired guards and flown through the no-fly zone
, and they are leaking out jarring images of the spill and its consequences.
One thing that’s clear from investigators’ reports: The entire
community is in chaos
 -- dozens of people have been evacuated to hotels for the foreseeable future, and
hundreds of people just outside the evacuation zone report experiencing vomiting,
dizziness, burning throats and the
persistent stench of tar sands
. The heavy crude is being
power-washed off driveways and into the storm drains
, ultimately pooling in wetlands critical to local wildlife during mating season.
Exxon has played the game very, very well. Just days after the Mayflower spill,
Exxon received an award for its "comprehensive commitment to safety excellence"
 from the National Safety Council. Exxon's clean image comes from covering up the
horrific realities of spills like this -- but we're going to blast its PR machine
wide open by bringing pictures of the spill to the last place that Exxon wants them
to be seen: right in front of State Department employees deciding the Keystone XL
Let’s get the images of the Arkansas tar sands spill in front of the bureaucrats deciding the fate of communities in the path of KXL. If we’re successful, we could save those communities from suffering like Mayflower is now.
The fight against KXL has been led by many brave allies -- from Native American and
First Nations allies, to a wide range of environmental groups. It’s also involved
individual people like Julia Trigg Crawford, who members contributed
$50,000 to so she could fight a legal battle against Big Oil’s shady maneuvering
to build the KXL across her land without her permission.
It’s taken all of us together to delay the pipeline this long
, make it a huge issue in the media, and give us a real fighting shot at stopping
it for good.
We’ve now seen the danger we face by using fossil fuel to power our lives. We’ve
seen the reality of transporting toxic crude across thousands of miles of our backyards.
we now know the future we have to look forward to again and again if the State Department
allows the Keystone XL pipeline to go through as planned
. So let’s make sure State Department employees see the reality of these spills before
they make a decision that’ll affect our planet’s entire future.
Thanks for standing up against the Keystone XL,
Kaytee, Taren, Angus and the rest of us
 SumOfUs is a world-wide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations
accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy.
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, and like us on
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