Monday, May 27, 2013

A Barbie Who Speaks ASL?

A friend sent me the message below.  Sorry I don't know how to make the link work so you can't click on it from this post.  But it's interesting.  Wonder if she has larger hands, but maybe not.  She's made for kids who speak ASL, not TASL.

Too expensive for me and I can't read the flat sign cards anyway. Still  Still, check her out.  I want to find a blind Barbie with a cane.  If she had a Dog Guide would it be a Poodle?  Yes, that Was rather

I don't know if you knew there was a barbie doll that had one of her hands shapped
into the ASL sign for "I love you."  She's standard barbie face and stuff but she
comes with a little card that has basic signs on it.   I found them on amazon.  One
is black and one is white but it says that barbie comes with:
Cling on board with reusable vinyl sign pictures, and it  is a chalkboard, too. Inside of
package unfolds into a classroom scene.
NOTE to PARENTS: Sign Language Barbie doll was developed in consultation with the
National Center on Deafness at California State University, Nortridge.
She's expensive, 86 dollars plus but I think the black one is prettier because her
skin coloring looks like that of a black/hispanic person.  Here's the link

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