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Good News, and a Chance to Be Heard

Good News and a Way to Be Heard!

This is why I bother.  I think what moves our government more than anything is multi-national corporations:  their money, their pressure and lobbyists, and their belief that they can continue to run over us, both as individuals and as groups of people.  Bad publicity and Losing Money are the bottom line.  I contribute money to individual candidates occasionally, but not to any political party.  Below is a Lot of good news and a chance to share your views.  We drops in the bucket sometimes DO make a difference. —
Earlier this year, we were devastated to learn of the sexual assault of a young girl
in Steubenville, Ohio by members of a high school football team -- athletes whose
coach allegedly covered up their crimes rather than holding them accountable. As
a college football player at Colby College and a young
feminist with SPARK Movement, we wanted to take action to stop something like this
from happening again.
We started a petition on calling on the National Federation of High Schools
(NFHS) to provide resources to high school coaches to help them teach student athletes
to prevent sexual assault.
And today, we have amazing news to share: after more than 65,000 people -- including
you! -- signed our petition, the NFHS announced it will work with SPARK and our partners
including Futures Without Violence and the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence to
make sure coaches in 18,500 schools with more than 11 million students have access
to the resources they need to teach student athletes to prevent sexual assault.
This is an exciting moment, not only because these important resources will now be
available to so many coaches in so many schools, but because we are finally starting
to change the conversation about sexual assault and how to prevent it. For too long,
we've asked young women to protect themselves, but the truth is we must start educating
young men about the meaning of sexual assault and how to prevent it.
Today, we've taken an important step in the right direction. And we got here because
of you.
Thank you. Let's keep fighting to make sure there's never another Steubenville again.
Carmen Rios & Connor Clancy
P.S. Have you seen
this petition
 asking the FCC to create a "sexual violence warning" for TV shows that may be upsetting
to survivors of sexual assault? This is a small change that would make a huge difference
to survivors who don't want to experience traumatic memories when they watch TV.
Please click here to sign.

Mailing address for · 216 W 104th St., #130, New York, NY 10025 USA —
Here's what it feels like to win a campaign on it feels like 14 year-old
Morgan getting the life-saving treatment she needs to survive. It feels like Carson
Rubin finding out he's going to get his "robot ears" and be able to hear for the
first time at age 5. It feels like Kathryn Jones saving her home from foreclosure.
Those are just three of the recent victories that were made possible because you
signed a petition.
 Check out more below – and see which ones you helped win.
Caroline Pla is a 11 year-old football player who was told that she couldn't play
anymore because she's a girl.
After 108,728 people signed a petition to let her play again, she was allowed back
on the team.
When tuition assistance for the military was threatened by the sequester,
a wife of an active duty Marine launched a petition on calling for the
program to be restored
 by Congress and won.
Amy Gleason's 14 year-old daughter Morgan needs monthly IV treatments to survive,
but her health care provider wouldn't cover it.
Within two weeks of launching her petition, Blue Cross called Amy to tell her that
all future and past treatments were approved.
 She says, "I am shocked at how quickly this petition got them to evaluate the situation."
Kathryn Jones of Pennsylvania won a loan modification with Bank of America that will
allow her family to stay in their home after receiving over 185,000 signatures on
her petition. Kathryn says,
"For those who signed, you have our most humble gratitude.
 May your kindness find its way back to you."
15 year-old Rehtaeh committed suicide after being raped and cyber-bullied.
Authorities launched an investigation surrounding her death when 455,000 people signed
a petition
 started by Sherri, a family friend.
5 year-old Carson Rubin's parents started a petition asking their health care provider
to cover the cost of Carson's cochlear implant surgery, and after 111,653 signatures,
Coventry Health Care not only agreed to cover the cost, but to change the policy
When Ankur Singh was left outside in subzero temperatures by Greyhound bus company,
he started a petition. More than 90,000 signatures later,
Greyhound agreed to make sure stations are open for passengers.
Jonathan Hankins and his family got sick after moving into a home Freddie Mac sold
them because it used to be a meth lab.
His petition asking the mortgage lender to cover the cost of decontaminating their
home won
 with 211,995 signatures.
University of Virginia stopped "cruel trainings" on cats named Alley, Fiddle, and
after a petition started by a doctor and animal lover got over 185,000 signatures.
The cats are now in good homes.
Each of these victories represents an adversity overcome, a life made better – or
even possible – because you signed a petition.
What will you change next?
Katie and the team

Start a petition on
Mailing address: · 216 W 104th St., #130, New York, NY 10025 USA

From Ultra Violet

Last week, House Republicans voted on a disastrous bill that would allow employers
to demand more work for less pay. It's time to show Congress what a pro-woman economic
agenda really looks like.
Tell us what matters most to you.
click here
Click Here

Eric Cantor and House Republicans are intent on rolling back women's economic rights
and we have to push back.
Last week, they passed a disastrous bill that would allow employers to demand more
work for less pay
 under the guise that it would give women and families more flexibility.
50,000 UltraViolet members weighed in and made it clear that women aren't falling
for this gimmick--and President Obama heard you and vowed to veto the bill.
But now pro-woman champions in Congress are left wondering, what does a pro-family,
pro-woman economic agenda look like?
With 42% of women having to choose between their paycheck and taking care of a sick
 childcare being more expensive than rent in 22 states,
 and the average woman losing almost $11,000 dollars every year due to wage discrimination,
 this is an urgent priority to figure out.
So can you tell us: What policies are imperative to increasing the economic security
of women and our families?
 And what is your experience with them--does your office offer child care? Paid sick
leave? We'll take the top responses from all UltraViolet members and put them into
a 21st agenda for family economic security and make sure every member of Congress
knows where we stand.
Tell us what's most important to you in a pro-woman economic agenda.
The gender wage gap has been stagnant over the last decade.6
 So far, Connecticut is the only state that requires paid sick leave,7
 which ensures workers can stay home when they’re sick. And don’t even get us started
on how the US is one of only three nations in the entire world that doesn't offer
paid maternity leave.
All of this makes it harder to be a working woman, a parent, and a caregiver in America.
We need to show Eric Cantor and his fellow Republicans what a pro-woman economic
agenda really looks like.
 UltraViolet is launching a major campaign to push it, but first we want to hear
about what matters most to you.
Will you take 5 minutes to fill out the survey?
Tell us what matters most to you in a pro-woman economic agenda.
Thanks for speaking out.
Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Malinda, and Karin, the UltraViolet team
Working Families Flexibility Act Passes House Over Opposition Of Democrats, Labor
, Huffington Post, May 8, 2013
2. Ibid.
Harkin, DeLauro Renew Fight for Paid Sick Days
, Senator Harkin press release, March 12, 2013
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How The Zero Weeks Of Paid Maternity Leave In The U.S. Compare Globally
, Think Progress, May 24, 2012
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WHOA. Yesterday, something huge happened:
Hundreds of Detroit fast food workers went on strike demanding $15 an hour and the
right to form a union.
 So many workers went on strike, in fact, that
McDonald’s had to call in replacement workers
 so that they didn’t have to close.
And guess what happened then? SOLIDARITY, that’s what. The replacement workers saw
the picket line -- and decided to go on strike too!
Since last night, thousands of people have already shared this image on Facebook.
Click the image below to join them and share it now to show mad respect for these
 who are standing up for their rights -- and for each other!
Detroit workers go on strike -- turn on your images to see!
As Joe Biden might say,
deciding to go on strike is a Big Eff-ing Deal.
 Some workers who strike face illegal retaliation, even though they have every right
under the law to organize and fight for better working conditions. But in the past
low-wage fast food and retail workers -- from Burger King to JCPenney to Walmart
-- have gone on strike in dozens of cities
These workers have jobs where they are paid as little as $7.25/hour, even after years
of reliable job performance. And they often have no control over their hours. No
one can support a family on that.
But the thing about solidarity -- like the solidarity shown by these McDonald’s workers
in Detroit -- is that if
enough workers stand up together, they have the power to force big corporations to
the table
 and change their destructive penny-pinching business models.
Share the image if you think this country would be better off if everyone who held down a steady job made a living wage and had the right to form a union.
In solidarity,
Kaytee, Claiborne, Taren, Rob, Tara, Angus, Marguerite, Anthony, and the rest of
P.S. The strikes are getting big national press coverage. Read more:
Fast food strikes spread to Detroit
, 10 May, 2013
Washington Post:
Fast-food workers in Detroit joining a growing wave of walkouts over wages
, 10 May, 2013
Huffington Post:
Fast Food Strike: Detroit Walkouts, Protests Continue National Movement For Higher Wages, Union
, 10 May 2013
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