Thursday, February 6, 2014

Big Oil Gives and Takes Away

Big Oil Gives then TAKES

Oil from the Keystone XL pipeline is for export, not domestic use.  But we will bear the domestic consequences of mistakes and the Earth will bear the results of this particularly dirty method of oil extraction.

Below is part of a letter from the People's Action Network, with which I often disagree, butt not on Keystone XL.

Dear Friends and Activists,
We need to get right to this one.
Like all really bad news, they tried to sneak out late in the day
last Friday the so-called environmental impact statement from the
State Department on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. We can sum up
the whole report in one sentence, "The planet's climate is toast
anyway, so who cares?"
Protest Keystone XL Sham action page:
The people least surprised by this were the pipeline advocates the
State Department hired to do the report. Seriously, that was their
logic, that they did not have to consider the environmental impact,
in an environmental impact report, if they assumed the same tar sand
carbon would be dumped into the atmosphere one way or another.
Does that mean we should put commit OUR research and development
resources in dramatically the wrong direction? Shall we collude in
the climate change catastrophe, or shall we demonstrate some actual
leadership as a country in prioritizing the urgently needed clean,
green energy of the future?
Further proof that the whole pretense of an actual review process is
a sham is that construction of various sections of the pipeline are
proceeding at full speed regardless. How is it that they are still
plowing ahead with building a pipeline that has not yet even been
They may think the fix is in, but that does not relieve us of our
obligation to protest. And we do.
Protest Keystone XL Sham action page:
The above is the exact text of the petition sent by the action page.
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Polar bears

Fantastic news: Shell has announced that it will NOT attempt to drill in the Arctic
Ocean this summer.
The oil giant’s stunning reversal came after a momentous court ruling two weeks ago.
The federal court agreed with NRDC and our allies that the Bush Administration had
wildly underestimated the risks of spills and other hazards when it opened the Arctic’s
Chukchi Sea to oil leasing and exploration in 2008.
Simply put: the entire Arctic leasing program was based on a fiction -- as we have
long claimed -- and all the leases,
including Shell’s
, have now been thrown into limbo.
The court victory and Shell’s retreat are huge steps forward in our campaign to close
Alaska’s Polar Bear Seas -- the Beaufort and Chukchi -- to oil development and potential
And we have you to thank! You have stood with us every step of the way
, lending your generous financial support to a tough battle against two administrations
and Big Oil that has raged in and out of the courtroom for five years. We never gave
up because we know just how much is at stake.
The Beaufort and Chukchi Seas are home to more than half of America’s polar bears.
 Their populations are already reeling from global warming. The last thing they need
is a catastrophic oil spill.
And if Shell’s Arctic venture has proven anything, it’s that this remote and rugged
region is no place for drilling.
 In 2012, Shell’s rig had to flee from a 30-mile-long iceberg. Its emergency response
equipment was “crushed like a beer can” during tests. And its drill rig ran aground
during relatively routine winter weather.
Other oil giants -- including ConocoPhilips and Statoil, the Norwegian multinational
oil company -- have long since canceled or suspended their plans. Shell was the last
holdout -- until this latest announcement.
But make no mistake: While Shell has called off this summer’s operations, it is far
from ruling out another attempt.
That’s why it’s so crucially important for the Obama Administration to slam the door
shut on Arctic drilling by putting it completely off-limits to Big Oil.
This latest federal court decision hands President Obama a golden opportunity to
move beyond a failed Bush Administration policy and to safeguard the Arctic for the
sake of our spectacular natural heritage
and our embattled climate.
You can be sure that NRDC will be tirelessly advocating for the President and his
Interior Secretary to do exactly that.
 I know you will stand with us.
Thank you again for helping to make this historic victory possible.
Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council
P.S. In the weeks and months ahead we will be building on the momentum of this victory
and strongly advocating that the Obama Administration put the Polar Bear Seas totally
off-limits. Please consider
making a tax-deductible gift
 that will help us take the fight to Big Oil and win a ban on drilling in the Polar
Bear Seas.
The mission of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is to safeguard the Earth:
its people, its plants and animals, and the natural systems on which all life depends.
Donations to this campaign will be used to Keep Shell Out of the Arctic and protect
our environment in the most effective way possible.

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