Monday, February 10, 2014

Much Worse than Bad Business

If Blogger would let me I'd have titled this post something like "Nasty Business" or UUGGLLYY!  But since that wasn't possible, please see below.

Much Worse Than Bad Business!

I Don't make a habit of asking Anyone to donate money which we all need and few of us have.  But I believe this Could be our future and it's Very ugly!  I do not donate online to anyone, you can write this organization to learn other ways, such as check, money order, etc.

A secret global trade deal being negotiated right now would let corporations sue
our governments to overturn any law they say hurts their profits.
The TPP must be stopped.
 So we're aiming to raise $100,000 to launch an emergency campaign to block the TPP
before it's too late.
Can you chip in?
Donate now

It's a corporate lobbyist's wildest dream -- a huge global trade deal that would
let corporations like Monsanto sue our governments if they passed laws to protect
the environment or keep life-saving medicine affordable.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership has to be stopped.
This month, tens of thousands of American SumOfUs members and friends have called
Congress to demand it rejects a bill to give President Obama "fast track" authority
to sign the TPP -- and support is starting to fall away.
But it's not enough.
In the US, corporate lobbyists are pushing hard for Congress to approve. Elsewhere,
 governments are facing no scrutiny as they get ready to sign away our democratic
 to make laws that protect the public interest. Unless we do more, we may lose this
That's why our community is stepping up. This week,
we're getting ready to launch a major effort to stop the TPP in its tracks
 -- and with your support, we're not going to stop fighting until we've won.
Can you chip in to help us launch the first steps of our campaign and start working together to stop the TPP and save our democracy?
We can't talk about all our plans yet, but we're already looking to:
Target key countries that can stop the TPP -- like Australia and Canada -- and make
sure that citizens hear about the TPP before it's too late
Call out consumer companies who have access to the negotiations and are helping write
the deal -- rights our elected representatives don't even have -- and demand they
come clean on what they know
Organize constituents to contact their representatives -- to make sure the TPP is
something that governments have to answer for
Work with lawyers to submit Freedom of Information requests for governments to come
clean on the deal
Offer rewards for officials who are willing to do the right thing and let the public
know what's in the TPP
Take out advertisements in key national media highlighting the threats the TPP poses
to our democracies
The corporations behind the TPP know the public won't like what's in the deal. That's
why the full contents are still secret -- only high-level government negotiators
and the 600 corporate lobbyists have access.
But we know enough to know that the TPP has to be stopped -- and enough to know how
we can stop it with your help.
Can you chip in to help fund our campaign to stop the TPP and protect our democracies?
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is called a trade deal, but it is really a corporate
wish-list aimed at attacking everything from environmental protections to affordable
medicines to internet freedoms. Worst, it
 gives corporations impunity from governments or citizens that want to reign in their
In fact, it is probably the most important international treaty you’ve never heard
of. The TPP is being negotiated between the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan
and other Pacific countries -- making it nearly global in scope.
There's lots wrong with the TPP, but the unaccountable systems it would set up to
allow corporations to sue governments are one of the most frightening.
If it is signed, future laws designed to protect consumers, our health, and our environment
could be overturned in secret courts
 by corporations that claim the laws harm their profits -- and there is nothing we
or our elected governments could do to stop them.
We need to do a lot more to make sure we stop this treaty -- and we need your help
to do that.
If you can, please chip in to take a stand for democracy and against the TPP, and fund the fight to stop this corporate power grab.
Thanks for all you do,
Paul and the team at
 SumOfUs is a worldwide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations
accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy.

Take Action Now

The epidemic of sexual assault in the military is chilling, and it's one of the most
pressing issues facing our service men and women today.
Over the last year, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has worked tirelessly on this issue,
and so have members of this community — including you. You've written letters, you've
called your Senators, and you've urged lawmakers to pass these vital reforms. This
fight has been long, and it's not over yet.
The Senate is set to vote on the Military Justice Improvement Act early this week. We need to make sure our lawmakers know we haven't given up on our service men and women.
We haven't forgotten about them, and we won't stop until the reforms they so desperately
need are put into place.
Tell your Senators — Do not filibuster the the Military Justice Improvement Act and support its final passage.
In 2012, there were an estimated 26,000 cases of sexual assault in the military.
But of those, only 3,000 were reported. Why? Because our service men and women do
not have confidence in the current military justice system.
The Military Justice Improvement Act works to instill that confidence by making sure
the decision to prosecute sexual assault cases is made by independent, trained military
prosecutors — not commanders.
Our men and women in uniform can't wait any longer — Senators, pass MJIA.
It's time our service men and women had a military justice system that is worthy
of their sacrifice. With your help, we're going to help make sure that they do.
Thanks for keeping it personal,
Thao Nguyen
Campaign Director
This Is Personal
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