Saturday, February 23, 2013

Can You Help With Doll ID?

Need Help with Doll ID.

I have what I believe is a Midge, red haired Barbie friend.  Her hair is butt length and crimped.  She has green eyes with blue eye liner or eye shadow.  I'm sorry, I forget which kind of eye makeup is blue.    The person who described her to me said she had I Think, a bright pink (rose or coral?) lipstick.

She has a pretty standard Barbie old fashioned face to touch, Except that she has feelable cheekbones and a straight nose which extends just beyond her lips.  (A Nose?)  She also has a definite chin and bangs.

On her back is written, "Mattel, made in China, 1968".  But on the back of her head is the year "1985".

All of the ID your doll sites I can find rely on pictures.  I'm sure they Are worth 1000 words to people who can see.  But to me they are just more flat sh--.

Any help you can give will be Much appreciated.  Thank you!

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  1. The 1960s dates on Mattel dolls appears on dolls produced much later. Sounds like you have a 1980s Midge. I'll do more research tomorrow and get back to you.