Friday, February 22, 2013

Heartening and Happy News

Heartening and Happy News

Yesterday I heard a story about a Syrian Christian priest in a mostly Christian village near the Turkish border.  It was a rebel controlled area of Syria and many of the rebels and a few of the residents were Suni Muslims.  He referred to the Muslim young men of the rebels and the residents as "our sons" and the newscast profiled a Muslim mother cooking lunch for her children in safety.  Syria is one of those places where Christianity is ancient and evidently in this particular village Christians and Muslims have lived together in peace and see no need to change the situation.

My prayer is that it Stays that way and Spreads!

Today I heard a medical report from one of the poorest parts of South Africa saying that when anti-AIDS drugs were given life expectancy increased by 11 years.  Also the sexual contacts or partners of people given these drugs were Much less likely to become HIV positive, so that the rate of infection in the province of Qua Zulu Natal was dropping.

South African leaders have had some bizarre notions for stopping the spread of AIDS, and some horrible things have been done by people in their attempts to protect themselves.  But there Is solid evidence that medical treatment works.

Nice to hear Good news for a change!

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