Thursday, February 7, 2013

Much to be Glad About and Swamped


I feel overwhelmed in a positive way.  Of course, there are many political problems I could share on this blog.  But today it is about dolls, disappointed?

The TV interview was broadcast twice yesterday.  I think you will have to cut and paste links to it in your browsers, as I don't know how to insert links like Phily Collector does, so you can go straight to them.

I am told the best link to use with a computer is:

Now, once you see me, will you still Speak, or write?  Hope so, but I never know.  For security reasons interviewers chose to focus on blindness.  Had to explain to some of my deaf-blind friends.

There is one person already contacting me about American Girl doll clothes.  I have a few things.  It is easier to sew for larger dolls but I've spent most of my time putting fashion doll outfits together.  Do you Know how Horrid sewing fashion doll Purses is?  They're Tiny, to me unnecessary, and when using slick fabric like satin, with clear thread, (also hard to knot and slick) a Royal Pain in the Backside!  But Each doll I sell will have a complete write up and pictures.  If she has two outfits, each will probably have it's Own purse and matching shoes.  I hope this will replace all of the paper goods destroyed by a formerly discussed tornado and later flooding.

Last Sat. I went to a deaf-blind social.  It was fun.  But turning sideways around the corner of a table to keep talking TASL with someone was hard on my recovering back which is close to nbormal now.  Muscle relaxer time.

So when I'm not doing a write up on a doll, or matching clothing to shoes and hair brush (w9rthless little things) or pick, I'm sewing Doll purses!  Yuck!  I thank the kind friend who volunteers to help me with the matching!

And when I'm not sewing or beading or writing or doing housework or taking care of animals I'm paying extra bills this month.  Cat is sick and we can't figure out why, vet bills.  My phone bill jumped $40 bucks because an application for low income disabled people was never sent and why else?  They don't say but I need a phone.

Much to be Thankful for:  the interview, interest in what I'm doing, food to cook, an almost normal back, a phone, heat, help with color matching, the cat Seems to be improving and the dog and bird and I are all well.  It's just frantic, or I am, trying to get as much as possible ready to go for a hoped for website launch at the end of this month.  (scream!)

One thing I realized after the deaf-blind social is how little I choose to touch anyone.  Talking TASL for hours was a challenge, and difficult at times, but was also comforting, just touching another kind person's hands for that long.

Well, time to check the oven and feed the dog and put away clean clothes then should call a couple of people and sew.  Normal life plus.  Hope sewing goes well this weekend while I listen to audio books.

It's hard to figure out how to price expensive dolls like Bohemian Barbie or the Singapore Airline Stewardess without their original boxes and paperwork.  Any suggestions other than gi' me?



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