Friday, February 22, 2013

Where Does Healing Come From

Where Does Healing Come From?

Ideally, emotional/spiritual healing should come from a supportive community of human beings.  But in this alienated dominant culture that often doesn't happen.

No one can or should expect one other person to meet all of their emotional needs.  It isn't possible.  So even though Ann and I truly wanted each other's happiness, we each had to find alternative methods of healing.  Ann used visual art.  For me and for other blind people this wasn't an option.

So where Can healing come from when humans just aren't there?  What props can help?

I know a lady who was put into a state school for the blind, as I was, at age five.  There is no explaining what this does to a child unless you have undergone it yourself.  To say it is terrifying and that the children are starved for love is a bare beginning.  Her family didn't understand her, leading to more pain.  She endured a lot of humiliation.

As an adult she got invited to a Star Trek convention, having watched the show growing up.  She made friends, began attending events, managed the phones, even when people called wanting to talk to the Real Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk, not just faking actors.  She got involved with singers of music built around Sci. Fi. Books and TV.  Her voice was of professional quality.

For her, this association with others and normal socialization brought a lot of healing.

As a child, I did not have fashion dolls to play with.  The two I got were given away to other children, so my mother would not have to buy them Christmas presents.  She followed me around for weeks talking about what a Good Christian would do, etc.  Finally, I felt so guilty I agreed.  (We all know what happens to Bad Christians.)

Even before I was diagnosed as having what the shrinks call DID or MPD, dolls took the place of the little plastic animals who were alter representatives.  I couldn't see my alters in a mirror like a sighted multiple.  But I could pick and touch them as dolls.

So, do I thing fashion dolls are a good body image for young girls, no.  Do I think the workers of Asia who manufacture them have been treated fairly or are treated fairly now, no.

I try now to find dolls which are pre-owned, so I don't contribute to this misery on the part of those who make the dolls.  I am now ready to release the vast majority of my dolls.  So I will sell them.

I have heard of other people tortured and/or disempowered as children who have used dolls, the only people they had Any control over or positive interactions with, for healing.  Some of us have used dolls for healing purposes as adults.

My point is, no one can judge another person's road to healing.  Is it books, TV, little plastic animals, plastic dishes, or dolls?  If healing of the spirit and emotions takes place, who am I to judge?

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