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Environmental Warning and Yet Another Attempt to Ban All Abortion

Environmental Warning and Yet Another Attempt to Ban All Abortion


Firefighter with breast cancer needs your help to stop dangerous chemicals in homes
By Janette Neves Rivera and the Center for Environmental Health
Oakland, California
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I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer last year. The news was
a really big shock considering I have no family history of the disease.
It got even worse when the doctor told me the cancer is most likely related to my
job and environment as a firefighter. Later I learned that most women with breast
cancer have no family or other known risk factors.
Did you know that couches and other common household items including many children’s
products contain harmful flame retardant chemicals? I didn’t have any idea about
this health hazard until I started doing some research.
The Chicago Tribune
 has extensively reported on flame retardants and about how these chemicals “migrate
out of products into household dust ingested by people, especially young children.”
They also reveal that there are studies showing “some flame retardants can make smoke
from fires even more toxic.” Numerous scientific studies have shown that many flame
retardant chemicals can cause cancer, reproductive difficulties, developmental problems
and other serious health issues.
I found out that firefighters are at such high risk from dangerous chemicals that
women firefighters in my city are diagnosed with breast cancer at 6 times the rate
of other women.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission has the power to help put an end to unnecessary
flame retardants in furniture and other everyday products. But instead of taking
strong action, they may be moving to obstruct vital health protections. Please sign
my petition to show them that people like us matter!
The Commission has a July 1 deadline for comments, and this is our best chance to
have a real impact on this public health issue.
I know that my children are proud of the work I do, and I strive to be a good role
model for them. But I never expected that giving back in this way would expose me
to cancer-causing flame retardant chemicals that are threatening my life and  the
future I’m trying to build for my family.
Fire safety experts are on record testifying that these dangerous flame retardant
chemicals do not even effectively prevent fires in furniture and many other products,
but huge chemical companies are behind efforts to keep their products in household
items despite what’s happening to people like me.
As I have traveled through my cancer journey, I have asked myself, how I can be a
catalyst for change? I want my story to help bring about change and slow the rate
of cancer and exposure to toxins, not just for firefighters but for our children.
The chemical industry is well-funded so I decided to work with the Center for Environmental
Health on this campaign because I believe our health is the most important gift we
have for ourselves and our families.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission has until July 1 to hear from you on their
current comment period. Please sign to ask that they prioritize public safety over
chemical companies’ bottom lines. Tell them to put a stop to dangerous flame retardant
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Ultra Violet
Equality at a Higher Frequency

Personal comment: Not from Ultra Violet.
In general I do not favor abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.  But if a woman's health is in danger:  Examples:  She has a family and her pregnancy may permanently disable or kill her, she is a suicidal victim of rape or incest who is in total denial about her pregnancy, she is pregnant and has cancer and needs chemotherapy to have a chance of taking care of her children, in such situations NO legislator has the Right to demand that a woman dies by Not having an abortion.  This Must be left between a woman and her doctor.

I've noticed that not many legislators who would legislate against All abortion are adopting the children of rape or incest, some of whom will have disabilities from the incest,  or caring for families who have lost their mothers.

Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor are pushing an unconstitutional bill through
the House that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy--without any exception
for the woman's health.
Sign the petition to tell them to drop this bill and stop attacking women.
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Click Here

Remember Todd “legitimate rape” Akin? And Richard Mourdock who said pregnancy from
rape is "gift from God"?
Well, they’re back--or at least their policies are. Trent Franks, a tea party Republican
Congressman from Arizona, said last week that "the incidence of rape resulting in
pregnancy are very low."2
 The truth: at least 30,000 women become pregnant from rape each year.
What’s even scarier?
The House is set to vote on Rep. Franks's proposal to criminalize abortion nationwide
after the 20th week of pregnancy this week.
Republicans in Congress are using this bill to score political points with their
conservative base, but after the 2012 election, they're also desperate to appeal
to women voters.
 Now, it’s up to all of us to send them a clear message: Women are watching and we
are speaking out. Stop attacking our rights. Can you sign the petition telling Speaker
Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor to drop this bill now?
 We’ll deliver your signature and comments before the vote.
Tell Congress: Drop the 20-week abortion ban.
Attempts to ban abortions after 20 weeks aren't new--extreme conservatives have been
pushing similar legislation through state legislatures for years now. Nine states
have all passed similar laws, including Indiana, Louisiana and Nebraska.
But the bill is unconstitutional, and it directly contradicts Roe v. Wade.
 Just last month, Arizona’s ban was thrown out by the federal appeals court. Courts
have also overturned similar laws in Idaho and Georgia.
It’s also dangerous.
If it’s passed, doctors who perform safe abortion care could be tried and imprisoned--even
if a woman was at risk for severe, permanent health problems.
Not all Republicans are on board with their party’s latest extreme attack on women.
Republican Rep. Charlie Dent even said of his own party’s leadership, "Clearly the
economy is on everyone’s minds... and now we’re going to have a debate on rape and
abortion… The stupidity is simply staggering."
If we all speak out now, we can show Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Cantor that
pushing this bill through the House--and continuing the Republican war on women--is
not only wrong, it’s going to cost them politically.
Sign the petition.
Thanks for speaking out.
--Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Malinda and Karin, the UltraViolet team
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