Monday, June 24, 2013

You Win Some and Hope You Win More

I hope this ends up amounting to something.

Thank you.
You made a difference

The G8 Summit just ended, and thanks to you and the 350,405 ONE members who called
for action, we're one step closer to ending extreme poverty.
Our leaders agreed to help 20 million children avoid chronic malnutrition and took
real steps forward in opening up secret data on taxes, aid and natural resources.
Whether you signed our petition or spread the word about agit8 and the power of protest
- this success is yours. So thank you.
ONE petitions get delivered around the world.
We've still got lots to do to keep the progress coming - so what can you do right
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Thanks so much for everything you do.
Laurie Moskowitz
US Campaigns Director, ONE
Our mailing address is:
ONE Campaign
1400 Eye Street, Suite 600
Washington, DC
-Jenelle Embrey witnessed a mother and a teenage boy survive a rear-end collision
and then burn to death moments later when their Jeep burst into flames.
After the accident, Jenelle was devastated to learn that for years advocates had
been calling for a recall of Jeeps that have their gas tanks in the crush zone but
Chrysler -- the owner of the Jeep brand -- had fought those efforts while dozens
of people died. Jenelle knew that lots of other petitions on had held
big corporations accountable to the public before so she created her petition demanding
a recall of "dangerous Jeeps."
Great news: After a huge outcry in support of a recall, including you and more than
125,000 people who signed Jenelle’s petition, Chrysler announced Tuesday they are
recalling Jeeps that according to the government are prone to fires after rear end
When the recall was announced Jenelle said:

Thank you to the more than 127,000 people who signed my petition and helped
to show Chrysler and the nation’s top auto safety officials that these dangerous
Jeeps should be recalled. 

It's a bittersweet victory, but after over three years
of delays, I’m glad that Chrysler is doing something to prevent the deaths of any
more victims of rear-end accidents in Jeeps.
I’m going to continue to fight to make sure that the repair that Chrysler applies
is effective and push Chrysler to recall the Jeep models that are still under investigation
by the government.

Thank you for being a change-maker, Team
P.S. If you are concerned about the safety of your Jeep call Chrysler at 1-877-426-5337.
Victory! 10-year-old Sarah received a lung transplant! --
To all of you who have taken up Sarah’s cause and signed this petition to change
the Under 12 Rule – thank you!  Your incredible efforts have helped change policy
and save lives.
On June 10, the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN) board unanimously
passed a resolution to allow children under 12 to be considered for the adult lung
transplant list on a case-by-case basis by OPTN’s Lung Review Board.
Three days before, a federal judge had granted Sarah and another boy - Javier Acosta,
who is also in Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia with end-stage cystic fibrosis
- a temporary restraining order that allowed them to be considered for an adult lung
transplant based on their Lung Allocation Scores (LAS).
On June 13, we received news that adult donor lungs became available and Sarah received
a lung transplant.
Sarah got lungs quickly after going to the adult list because her LAS finally mattered
and she was the sickest one on the list. She had an LAS of 91 out of 100 when transplanted.
We are in the early stages of recovery and Sarah’s battle has been rough, but we’re
continuing to fight.
As difficult as this process has been post-surgery, we appreciate that OPTN has now
opened the door for other children in Sarah’s unique position to become eligible
for adult lung transplant.
The OPTN’s decision does not mean that children under 12 will automatically go to
the front of the transplant line. They will not receive special treatment, but they
will now be placed on the waiting list based on the severity of their illness the
same way people 12 and over are listed.
We hope Sarah’s story moves people to become organ donors, because more than any
ruling, it is the heroes who donate their organs that save lives.
God bless you all for standing by Sarah.  Thank you to Congressman Pat Meehan, Senator
Pat Toomey, Senator Bob Casey, Congressman Lou Barletta, Governor Tom Corbett and
all of the other elected officials who fought to change the Under 12 Rule. To all
of Sarah’s supporters who signed this petition, we thank you and ask for
your continued prayers in support of Sarah and all people waiting for organ transplants.
Janet, Fran, Sarah, Ella, Sean and Finn Murnaghan
Mailing Address: · 216 W 104th St., #130 · New York, NY 10025

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