Saturday, June 11, 2011

2500 year-old Affordable Healthcare Recommendations

When the Buddha was asked 2500 years ago how one should care for elderly parents he said that Four things should be provided:  food, shelter, clothing, And Medicine.  Yet often Buddhist friends seem to dislike the Affordable Healthcare Act.  My question is, if 2500 years ago it was thought by the founder of one of the world's major religions, or philosophies that Healthcare was a Duty, why is it such an obstacle today?  Obviously there are Parts of the Affordable Healthcare Act to which people object.  Many people resent being Told by the Government that they Must carry health insurance or pay a penalty.  Insurance companies resent any limits on what they can charge and the fact that they must accept people with pre-existing health conditions. 
     But in a society as large and complex as ours, can we come up with something Better?  Privatizing Medicare Doesn't seem Better to me.  Wouldn't doing this allow Medicare to become More like other insurance companies, rejecting sick applicants, saying what doctors and hospitals patients Must go to, Regardless of who has the best facilities for treating a particular condition?
     Why is it that when a Company tells you to change physicians or lose coverage, people grumble and do as they're told.  But when the Government says you Must have medical insurance, all he-- breaks loose?
     Isn't being bossed around being bossed around?  Or do people Truly believe that their insurance companies have their best interests at heart/?  Surely not
     I know a friend who is trying to hold onto her life Until "Obama Care" becomes available.  And I wonder how many more people are like her?

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