Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Well well, my first attempt at a blog and my first Unsolicited junkmail,  Father's Day is coming, what kind of a dad do I have?  Deceased, so Go Away!  I wondered how long it would take some enterprising merchant to trace my individual computer from a single blog, now I know.  And There's the Annoyance.

Actually tonight I have the task of taking down the home altar which was Ours for many years. 

I'm NOT INTERESTED IN DATES, oh enterprising obnoxious ones.  But my friend of thirty years and partner of nineteen died in last Winter's blizzard.  I grieved for the people of Joplin, maybe With them, because I know how it feels to not find someone you love after terrifying weather.  And how it feels to wait while they are searched for.  Minutes become hours and the kindest thing anyone can do is give you Anything to do which Might help, even if they know the chance is slim to none.  Thank you, officers who did just this for me.  I didn't even Realize that you were helping Me at the time.  No more details about this are needed, none will be given.

We bought the statues on the altar together, years ago.  They and the Energies they represent traveled with us through many difficulties.  I never thought I'd be moving and taking them down to be packed, alone.  It hurts.

I've got more opinions than sense maybe, beginning this blog as a way of sharing my life and insights about many things.  But, at least temporarily, it helps.

I have many interests to pursue and a hobby which I hope I can turn into a job.  No, please Don't send me junkmail about That either!

If I am blessed, and work as hard as possible, I might become rich. 

How many people do you know who hate their jobs, if they are fortunate enough to Have one?  To quote a friend, "If you are doing something you love, then you are rich."

It's the kind of happiness where you don't even Bother to stop and ask, am I happy? You don't need a big rush or thrill nbsp
; Because you are so into what you are doing, so content and pleased that it doesn't seem to matter.  I hope to become rich.

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