Friday, June 10, 2011

Today I got two E-mails (so far) from the "Web Maintenance Team" of who?  It Might have been my isp, but it Wasn't.  How do I know?  Your Internet Service Provider should Never ask for your Password Or birth date in an E-mail.  Also, they should clearly state what company the represent "Web Maintenance Team" is Not an isp that I know about.  When I Called my isp to report these E-mails as identity theft, the call was noted in my account. 

I know it's an old, boring subject for long-term net users.  But for those of us who are rather new at it, Delete any E-mail which 1.  has the name of someone you know but only a link or series of letters and numbers inside or as the subject line.  You can always write your friend to ask if he or she Sent this mail, and if so, why nothing personal in it?  If it Was from your friend, that person can always explain What the mail is about and resend it.

2.  Never give out your password, date of birth, or social security number to someone who E-mails you.  Ligitimate companies will not Ask you to do this.  Identity thieves will.  The mail I got promised Much better service, if the information they wanted was provided.  Better service for Them no doubt, with enough info to use my information for all kinds of illegal and to me, costly purposes.  Luckily, I have no credit cards.

Sorry to bore you, but maybe it can't be mentioned often enough.

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