Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Setting Priorities Joplin, Mo. and More

I am a Buddhist-Cherokee.  Some of my family are devout Cristians.  It wasn't 'til I got an offer of friendship from a sister, Unconditionally, that we began building trust which enables us to support and be involved with one another.  I have no need to preach my beliefs to anyone.  But some people who do genuinely care have been taught that they Must change me or see me burn forever after death.  It was deciding that we choose to treat one another as family, no matter what, that began to set things right.

So what does this have to do with the terrifying tornado which struck Joplin, Mo. on May 22nd?

As I listened to Joplin radio I heard many stories of compassion and courage.  Someone pulled a lady's brother out of a truck, saving his life, and she called in Twice to ask them to call her so she could thank them.  During the days she called the phone lines, when working, were Jammed.  She must have had to try again and again, just to say Thank You.  There were stories about  heroes with all kinds of backgrounds and last names.  This made me happy.

And when a group came to protest President Obama's visit to Jt.n, having alledgedly  put on their website that the tornado was a sign of God's wrath, a most Wonderful thing happened!

A woman called in to quote a State Trooper as saying "The trucks mysteriously broke down and couldn't be fixed".  The D.J.'s answer was "Beautiful!"  But I was laughing and yelling "Way to go, truckers" so loudly I could barely hear him.  Whether you were Over the Road drivers or friends in pickups, Thank You for a Perfect example of Nonviolent compassion toward the people of Joplin and the memories of their loved ones who were killed.

Evidently one individual did slip through and start to behave disrespectfully toward others.  The woman who called to report what had happened to the radio station said he was surrounded by a group of bikers who stayed around him until the police came to escort him away.

Thank you, bikers! whether you are a part of the Patriot Guard or just came to protect the shocked and hurting people of Joplin.

I personally don't agree with the political views expressed on the shows carried by the radio station I was listening to.  But they got it Right in my book by repeatedly urging the people of Joplin, who had and have every right to feel frustration and anger, NOT to respond to hate with hate, thus giving the group coming to stir up media attention fo themselves
 Any attention at All.    Some of these D.J.'s had damaged or destroyed homes themselves and again, Thank You for Being your best and Inspiring the Best in others.

A kid from inner city D.C. once asked the Dalai Lama how to create peace in an environment where it seemed no one wanted peace.  His answer, "Sometimes you have to shout."  Those of you who showed respect for the President, even if you disagree with everything he's ever done, and those of you who protected suffering people from hate found Perfect ways to Shout.  I won't forget you!

This is my first attempt at blogging and I am blind.  My screen reader, (the thing which makes my computer talk) is only reading back bits of words.  I hope this attempt comes out readable in the flat stuff you folks use, Print.  Please forgive me if it doesn't.

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