Saturday, June 11, 2011

How many wars and who Pays

When I first heard that NATO had conducted air strikes against Colonel Gaddafi's compound I was enraged.  Where is the difference in this and the hunt for Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and what are the similarities?

In both cases the countries attacked had something   we want, OIL.  And in both cases we (our government) had cooperated with the former leaders, suddenly turned into demons in the public media.

Really, the same thing happened to Manuel Noriega in Panama.  He was the Government's friend, then he wore strange underwear, and was a drug dealing enemy. 

Thankfully, I am not the leader of anything and so might not have to fear being a "friend" of our Government.  We tend to sacrifice those international leaders (friends) who have something our Government wants or who are no longer cooperating as our Government thinks they should.

Have we "liberated" Iraq?  Did we protect civialians in Iraqi Freedom or just our oil interests?

And except for oil, where did the Government get the idea that we should "protect civilians" in a country's Civil Conflict?  President Obama, I voted for you, but NOT on This one!

We could "protect the civilians" of Tibet, Burma or Meinmar, the imprioned human rights activists in China, or the pro-democracy activists of Bahrain.  But we don't want to risk conflict with China, (we purchase too many cheap goods from them) so Tibet and the abuse of Chinese workers and pro-democracy activists are written off, except for gentle chiding.  Meinmar doesn't have enough of what we want to bother with and it would offend China.  Bahrain is a Major oil processing point, so we don't want to interfere with the flow of oil, regardless of what happens to civilians.  And the civilians of Southern Sudan in their long civil war, well the Government of the North controled the oil.

Then there is Syria, where military engagement would mean serious opposition from the Syrian military, we can't afford that, or a war with the Iranean military to "protect civilians".

It seems to me like the same old system used in creating and taking back Native American land.  Oklahoma is yours, Until we find Oil!  Acoma Pueblo is yours and so is Pine Ridge, Until we find Uranium.  Did we forget to "protect civilians" in those instances too?

When I voted for President Obama I voted for something Different.  But for the most part, it has been "business as usual", and for the first time in my live I'm considering NOT Voting this next time.

What I am coming to believe is that it doesn't Matter who is President of this wonderful country of mine.  It seems multi-national corporations run the Government, no matter who is President.

What about protecting the ""civialians" of This country?  They face Medicaid cuts, a threatened Medicare system, school districts with no money to keep all of their schools  open, early retirement of teachers, while there is Still a pension fund to collect From, on and on.  The children of our nation will pay for multi-national's greed with their ignorance and inability to compete in a technology rich job market.  The poor, disabled, and elderly are already paying for Three wars, if Libya is included.

I do not believe I can change this with a Vote and I do Not advocate violence.  So what Can be done? This post may appear with bad spelling as my talking computer won't work well with I wonder if this site complies with ADA standards?

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