Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Braille Display, What Does it Mean?

A Braille Display, What is it?

I tried typing this post directly into Blogger because I am so excited about the possibilities.  But of course it didn't work, so am going back to Word and will copy and paste into Blogger.  Thanks a Heap for being So accessible!

Today I began working on my own with a device called a Braille Display.  It hooks up to my computer and literally displays both everything I type And everything written to me in an E-mail!  No more time wasted feeling angry and helpless, with my ear glued to the speaker, going Over and Over a word or letter I can't understand.  I just check the DOTS, Yeah!

But the most exciting possibility of all is that If I can figure this out I will be able to Write in Braille and you will see it in Print.  They are two different languages of literacy. 

I'm already having a problem "thinking" in Braille.  I keep trying to find the keys which make up the ING sign in Brl, woops, that's Braille.  It's like being deprived of the language you know best for years and years.  You still use it for yourself, of course, making grocery lists, writing appointments on the Braille calendar, but no one else knows it.  So for Every communication with a sighted person, the language they use must be Read to you, (a translation process) and you must always write in Their language.

Braille is so much more contracted, short-form and for me, Easier to write and read.  I can't Wait for the day when I can write in my Own language and we'll leave the translating to the machines so You can read what I write in Your language!

New subject:  Did I say that instead of ASL I'm learning TASL?  I like that word, my computer's speech pronounces it Tassle.  So maybe someday I can communicate in TASL, (Tactile American Sign Language, too!)  I have a couple of sighted, hearing friends who want to learn ASL, so we practice communicating in it.  I walk around the house at night signing to myself.  So far, have remembered Not to do this outdoors alone.  Probably it wouldn't matter, but sometimes people do not understand things.

Now I'm going to turn off the computer speech and reread what I've written in Braille.

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