Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Blog

Sunday Blog

I am getting used to typing blogs up in Word, then Pasting and Copying them into Blogger.  Wonder how much longer this will be possible.

The Braille Display is great, allowing me to proofread my own writing in my own language.  BUT,  if I don't use the screen reader of the company which Makes the Braille display, My screen reader will Not allow me to write in Braille, my own language, and have what I've written come up in print characters.  Bummer!  I will write the company making my screen reader, Window Eyes, by GW. Micro, and request that they catch up with their competitors.  I Like Window Eyes and don't want to switch to another screen reader unless I have to, if my hearing should deteriorate to the point where I Must write in Braille. 

This is a problem for people with disabilities, in my opinion.  We are a captive market and must often settle for higher prices and less quality than others, when it comes to adaptive equipment, or what is Sold as adaptive equipment.  For instance, I can go to a beading and leather shop and buy "split eye needles" for about a buck apiece.  Or I can buy them from a catalog selling appliances for people with disabilities for $5 Each. 

This kind of needle is very thin and sharp at both ends.  But the middle opens up into a large loop into which beading thread or fishing line can be easily inserted.  The needle is thin enough to slide seed beads along for sewing them onto something.

New Subject:  I feel very lonely today.  Lots of Fine people come through my life, but I miss having someone to talk to about what is going on inside.  I am the only deaf-blind person I know who lives alone.  Perhaps that is why this blog is so important to me.  I have always had a Desperate desire to communicate, even when I had normal hearing.  But I'm not willing to burden people who come to my home for specific purposes, with my inner emotional turmoil.  So, do I have to find the funds to pay a counselor?  Where?  Don't know.  I will remember that feelings come and go like waves in the ocean, but I may have to find someone to talk to.

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    There is a feature somewhere on blogger that will let you send posts from your email directly to the blog. You set up an address with blogger; that way, you could avoid the copy/paste thing with the inaccessible website.