Monday, May 7, 2012

 Two Subjects: God and Afghanistan

 Someone commented about "greedy God grabbers" who thought They knew All Truth.  I've been wondering, if the "grabbers"  Really believe that there is a God who is all-knowing, and all-powerful, how can they think He can be Grabbed, or Cornered by Any group of people?  How can they think Anyone can Own their God and that They know all of His plans and intentions?  Pretty sad and untrue, I think.

Subject two, Afghanistan.

Because we invaded Afghanistan I am conflicted.  As the Taliban was SO oppressive to SO many, I was glad to see them out of power.  They harmed artists and some musicians, music and art, any differing understandings of Islam, (God grabbers in All religions, I guess,) and Especially Women and Girls.  I wish we had found Osama Ben'Laden and left, but we didn't.

I cannot glory in the death of anyone, even though some people must be Stopped.  So I didn't dance for joy when he was killed under President Obama's term in office.

I have read the books "Three Cups of Tea" and "Stones Into Schools" with Ann, some time ago.  I'm All For building schools, Especially for girls, in Afghanistan.

Really, I don't care if the author of those books, Greg Mortonson, lied about being injured while mountain climbing and meeting kind local people who cared for him.  I DO care if some of the schools he claims have been built do Not actually exist and If he was ripping off the Central Asia Institute in any way.  Mr. Mortonson has agreed to pay back a million dollars to the charity he founded, the Central Asia Institute, according to Charity Navigator.

I feel we owe something to the country of Afghanistan.  We and the former USSR. Fought over it, and we armed the fighters who fought Russian troops, then became the Taliban.

Then we invaded, trying to kill the Taliban for harboring Osama Ben' Laden.  And now President Obama says that up to 25000  troops could be there until 2016.

This is an election year.  Neither the Democrats Nor the Republicans can afford to "look soft on national security or terrorism."  I do not Want to be "soft" on those who kill Americans or attack our country.  But with Afghan police and troops Knowing that when we leave the Taliban will reassert itself, Are we doing any good?

By 2016 President Obama will, if re-elected, have completed his second term in office.  And Afghanistan will be inherited by the Next President, just as Both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were inherited by President Obama.

I heard a BBC report which said "training Afghan armed forces" meant things like teaching all officers to read at a third grade level, and all soldiers to read at a first grade level.

A person Can be both highly intelligent And illiterate.  I have seen this among blind people, so I'm Not putting down the people of Afghanistan. 

But my heartache comes with the following ideas.  1. Training the military forces of Afghanistan is a Huge task!  2.    I have NO problem with increasing literacy among Afghan military forces.  3.  But if the media can be believed, both fighting and intergroup killings, (Afghan soldiers killing U.S. soldiers and U.S. soldiers killing Afghan Civilians)  are increasing.   then 4.  How many people must Die to get Either a Republican or a Democrat President elected (until 2016?)   And where does the Unical Pipeline profiled by Michael Moore in his film "Fahrenhight 911" come into all of this?

Once again, hope this is legible.  It was typed into Word, then pasted here.  Sorry, it is best I can do for now.  Hoping a switch in browsers (still sounds like cattle or deer) will help.           

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