Saturday, May 12, 2012

Has Everyone Become Somebody's TERRORIST?

I'm getting very Tired of the word "terrorist" being thrown around as a slander for anyone who doesn't agree with a particular person or group's point of view.  It has gone Beyond the argument about who is a Terrorist and who is a Freedom Fighter.  Below is a ridiculous example.  Terrorism, the murders of civilians in one's own country or by someone of another country is a Very Serious Crime.  And the example below isn't about the atrocities  which Always accompany War either.

New billboard links those concerned about climate change to terrorists
Support by Pfizer, Microsoft, Comcast and others funded the creators of this disgusting
Heartland Institute billboard equating belief in climate change with terrorism.
Tell corporations to stop funding Heartland's climate change denial smears.
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Are you part of the “radical fringe”?
According to an ad campaign by the Heartland Institute, if you believe in climate
change, you’re a radical on par with the likes of Osama bin Laden
, the Unabomber, and notorious mass-murderer Charles Manson.
An ad campaign planned by the corporate front-group the Heartland Institute --
which is funded in part by Pfizer, Comcast and Microsoft
 -- features the faces of these notorious killers alongside the phrase “I still believe
in Global Warming. Do you?”
Tell Comcast, Pfizer, Microsoft and Heartland’s other funders to stop funding Heartland and its dirty climate change denier smears.
Even as people are literally dying from increased flooding, drought, freak storms,
and other climate impacts around the world, the fossil fuel industry continues to
deny that climate change even exists. Their strategy has been incredibly effective
-- they've stopped the US government from taking any serious action to end its addiction
to oil and coal, which in turn has made it impossible for the world to reach a global
climate treaty. And
 Heartland, a key climate change denier, also depends on
 Pfizer, Comcast, Microsoft and other corporations who claim they believe in climate
change out of one side of their mouth -- while simultaneously funding an organization
that runs despicable ads like these out of the other side.
That's why we're joining up with our friends at Forcast the Facts to call for corporations
to stop funding Heartland.
The Heartland Institute has a long history of playing dirty.
Last year, Heartland was caught trying to sneak industry-written pro-coal propaganda
into elementary schools
, and previously they have acted as hired guns for the cigarette industry, distributing
a paper titled “Joe Camel is Innocent!”.
Corporations have begun fleeing from Heartland.
 In March, General Motors announced it would no longer fund Heartland. Earlier this
week, Diageo -- the company behind Guinness, Smirnoff, Johnny Walker, and other brands
-- and State Farm also announced they were pulling funding. Now is the time to give
Microsoft, Pfizer, Comcast and Heartland’s other funders -- many of whom have explicitly
stated they care about fighting climate change -- a push to follow GM, Diageo, and
State Farm’s lead.
Help us stand up to the business of climate change denial, and call on corporate
America to pull its money out of the Heartland Institute.
Sign our petition to Pfizer, Comcast, Microsoft and others corporations: Stop donating to Heartland.
Thank you,
Taren, Claiborne, Kaytee and the rest of us.
 SumOfUs is a world-wide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations
accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy.

Below is a letter of reply.

I have lived for more than fifty years.  I live in the Heartland of the U.S. and grow a garden for Food.  I also frequent a farmer's market.  Whether you call it "global warming" or not, I have no doubt that the climate is changing.

In April this year it was in the upper 80's for a few days.  In May we had frost.  Tornadoes come earlier than ever before in my lifetime, (january through March) and they sometimes either come in larger groups or are more severe than they used to be.

Many species of pests we haven't had before, Army worms, Japanese beetles, and other animals and plants are migrating North from their former Southern homes or are able to be more prolific than ever before. 

I love and appreciate my country.  I believe in our constitution, including the separation of Church and state, the freedom of religion, and tollerance for those who disagree with me, even when they call me names.  I am Not willing to murder those who disagree with me, as a "terrorist" would be.

My father served in Korea and my uncle in Vietnam, which helped to shorten his life.  Would you also call Them "terrorists" if they believed in global warming or climate change?  I don't like your use of a very Serious word and accusation against those who disagree with you.  Please stop.

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