Friday, August 24, 2012

Busy Week

Busy Week

1.  Immersion ASL (actually TASL day.  2.  three different people brought clothing and cloth scraps to be divided up and a big load to wash.  I am happy to have these as the warmest clothes go to Native American Heritage Assoc. to help keep people warm on the reservations in South Dakota and I think Montana.  The clothing which will work here goes to Disabled American Veterans Store, and the stained up stuff and leather scraps get the stains washing won't clean cut out and they will become doll clothes.

3.  I have found a Free 1 hour ASL class where the teacher has graciously agreed to work with me or have one of the deaf people in class who is willing work with me.   I went and enjoyed meeting the lady who helped me very much, and appreciated the help of a sighted friend who kept me aware of what was happening in the group.

4.  Lots of political stuff happening.  Am I going to vote in the general election?  If so I think it will be with reluctance.

5.  Went to Farmer's Market got a bunch of different kinds of peppers, cucumbers,  tomatoes, two Winter squashes, all for $17.  Cooked onion, peppers and tomatoes in olive oil and spices, good for many kinds of Summer food.  Still have a bunch of these veggies. To wash.

6.  Worked with new healthcare aide who has no typing or computer skils, how am I going to keep up with ASL?  I get so many new words in a ten hour day that I always need to look up about 30.  I remember the words, but Not clearly how to make them.  I write in Braille those I Do remember.

6.  Hassle with vbeterinarian who I believe is putting in place policies  to make me pay more money than necessary for pet care,  Frustrating, must change vets, but where?

7.  Had Horrible utility bill for last four week cycle, not in line at all with others who have similar sized houses,  Something Wrong!  Dreading calling landlord Monday.

9.  Increasing pressure to save water, some of us are skipping showers we don't really need while the hospitals Still water their lawns, as do citizens who fear the coming fines for those who do so.  Pine and spruce trees dying from two hot drought Summers.  I have watered garden twice with hand held hose,   this week.  With cooler weather, (though we still have periods of heat) we are Finally beginning to have Food.  I could go out and plant bush beans and snap peas, but am So Tired!

Birds are eating a lot of seed because plant sources are drying or dried up. 

We may get rain this weekend, I Hope so!  Rain with no Severe storms to destroy gardens would be Beloved and welcome!

Have ignored E-mails for the last two or three days, my hands painful from TASL, washing, chopping, carrying hose.  Not looking forward to opening That mailbox!
But I am Very Fortunate!  I Have a roof over me, food, time to clean up clothing for others, a living dog, and air conditioning.  I Have enough water to drink and shower when I need to..  Not everyone on our Earth does.
Some of the clothes came from a dunmpster!  I used to be Shocked.  Now I'm just Glad I grew up from a place where Nothing got thrown away, Evereybody could sew or at Least Mend, grow food, and  cook from scratch.  In times like these, I am given the ability to save money and help other people, a great combination!

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