Saturday, August 4, 2012

Water Conservation

Temperatures today will top out between 98 and 105.  With added humidity it will feel hotter.  The good news is that the humidity and a "cold front" (what, back down to 95?) may create rain later  today.

There are excessive heat advisories, a fire hazzard warning, and drought.

So what about water conservation?  At the moment it is voluntary for things like watering lawns and washing cars.  But soon it may become mandatory with fines imposed on those who violate rules.  There are plans in place to limit water use to just bathing and drinking and washing.  People are already being asked not to run a dishwasher until it is completely full and to take shorter showers.

Once on an episode of "Star Trek: New Generation" an alien race of rock  crystal was given the opportunity to speak.  They referred to humans as, "ugly bag of Mostly Water".  And they are right.

Water isn't an option, it is sacred and it is life!  Without it we are just as dead as if our home Earth were nuced.

So it really Bothers me that no restrictions are put on huge companies, colleges and the University, or medical institutions to Stop Watering Their Grass!  My garden contributes food to three people.  I will skip showers occasionally and water it, if that becomes necessary.

Watering trees makes sense.  They provide food, clean the air, stop soil erosion, and provide homes for birds, insects, and squirrels.

But I think watering huge expanses of grass which has been chemically fertilized and dosed with pesticides in a time of water conservation which may shortly become mandatory is selfish.  And so is using water to try to keep annual flowers which will have to be replanted next year by these institutions.

This practice depletes our drinking water, takes life from creatures who live in and near water, and lowers the water supply for creatures who feed poor people, deer, rabbits, and squirrel.  It deprives many beings of their chance to live.

Ok, grass seed is expensive and a big financial investment goes into maintaining beautiful grounds.  This investment brings in more business. 

Grass seed is still cheaper than no food gardens, fewer fish, frogs, and other beings dependent on water which poor local people also eat. 

Why don't large businesses and public institutions have to Stop watering their grass before We do?  I don't water my lawn.  I do water my heavily mulched garden and we are still getting some food.

The grass at large businesses and public institutions does deserve the chance to live also.  But when priorities are Forced upon people due to circumstances they do not control, I think those priorities should reflect the Needs of the people and the creatures ho need a drink more than they need green grass in front of a medical building.

I'm glad Congress got off of its backside and approved late drought relief for beef farmers.  But what about organic Vegetable farmers and dairy farmers?  Guess the beef industry has the best lobyists?

Once again, money talks and the rest of us walk.

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