Monday, August 20, 2012

Why Isn't this a Big Election Issue?

A while back I published a rant at President Obama for doing things like making a name for himself as a Senator by speaking up for those left homeless or in trailer park ghettos by hurricane Katrina, then doing nothing to help them as President.  I also completely disagree with Failing to tighten regulations on banks and insurance companies who we bailed out because they were "too big to fail." 

If President Obama wants to get re-elected here is an area where he could make a Big difference for thousands of Americans.

By the way, I also Thanked the President for the Affordable Care Act, (Obama Care) for the intelligent way he went about getting rid of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" rule for gay and lesbian military personnel, and for help in fighting the "Lord's Resistance Army" so long as it wasn't a covert grab for minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I "watched" the video, but most of it was silent.  I know the links don't work from a blog post, can someone tell me how to fix this?  It Should be a big election issue.

Rebuild the Dream

When you joined our campaign to get rid of Federal Housing Finance Agency Acting
Director Ed DeMarco, you joined a campaign that's being powered by people like Jaime
Gonzalez. Jaime is an underwater homeowner and Rebuilder who is helping to lead this
This past week, we released a new video telling Jaime's powerful story and calling
on President Obama to fire DeMarco and deliver for struggling homeowners.
Watch the video and share it with friends.
Almost 120,000 of you have signed our petition, and thousands more have written letters
to local papers or called the White House.
Ed DeMarco is standing in the way of help for homeowners and hundreds of thousands
of jobs. Not only did he kill a popular green jobs program, he's blocking targeted
principal reductions that would help people keep their homes by resetting their loans
to today's fair market value, instead of the artificial bubble rates.
This guy needs to go.
We're keeping this big story alive by telling the individual stories of people like
Jaime. Help keep the pressure on by hitting share after you watch.
Colin and the rest of the Rebuild the Dream team
P.S. --
Also, don't miss Van's Huffington Post piece about underwater homeowners and the big election story that the media's missing.
Rebuild the Dream is a platform for bottom-up, people-powered innovations to help
fix the U.S. economy. You can
follow us on Twitter
, and
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