Thursday, August 2, 2012

Good News for Burma from Congress!

You did it, Congress renews Burma Sanctions
You did it! Thanks to all your help and efforts, Congress has passed the renewal
of the Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act (BFDA). Because of your phone calls and
emails, Congress recognized that much more needs to be done to ensure genuine democracy,
national reconciliation and human rights for all in Burma by renewing the Burmese
Freedom and Democracy Act.
The passing of the renewal of the BFDA shows that Congress agrees with you; that
looming problems in Burma still need to be addressed. Even today, there are hundreds
of political prisoners still behind bars. The violence and cruel treatment against
ethnic minorities, predominantly carried out by the Burmese military, is as prevalent
as ever. In anticipation of foreign investments, land confiscation cases are on the
rise, leaving many villagers and farmers without land or a home. The passing of the
BFDA signifies that Congress recognizes the need to maintain some leverage in Burma
in order to ensure genuine democracy, national reconciliation, human rights, justice
and accountability for all the people of Burma.
Thank you for helping us to take steps to fight for freedom in Burma and for speaking
out for those who cannot speak for themselves.
In solidarity,
I wonder if President Obama will sign the renewal of this treaty?  His Secretary of State was the one announcing "invest in Burma".  Yet on the BBC I still keep hearing of trouble and conflict there, which remains unexplained.

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