Sunday, October 13, 2013

Figured out the Difference, Obvious, Now

 Figured Out the Difference, Obvious!

The difference between slavery and extended child abuse is that if you live, you Can Eventually Leave.  A slave Never could!  I feel Stupid not to have thought of it yesterday, no excuses.  

Doll Story with Trigger Warning!

Fuzzy Four and Tenna Swirl

Fuzzy Four is a little dark haired doll whose eyes were painted by Ann to show her blindness due to glaucoma and cataracts.  She doesn't talk much and won't go near men on her own.  She has a long braid which has started to come undone and is fuzzy.  She is small, a bit larger than a Kelly ® doll.

There is always an untreated miserable yeast infection she doesn't understand between her legs.  But she has a guardian.

Tenna Swirl has a huge bright swirl of hair all around her head.  Her arms and legs are tiny but she rides a horse.  Her face and belly are bloated.  Whenever Fuzzy Four is afraid, Tenna Swirl comes and rubs her hands together and blows on them.  In this way Tenna Swirl starts a fire which scares away big humans from herself and Fuzzy Four.  These two are always together or Tenna is at least Never very far off!

When I read a book about the Celtic Fire Goddess Tenna, I knew Tenna Swirl's name.

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