Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Music Filled with Life!

New Music Filled with Life!

Oops, will Blogger Allow an exclamation mark?

A number of years ago I had a tape of Native American women singers.  It's much easier to find the guys, so thought I'd check it out.

One song really struck me, by a group called Ulali.  An acapella trio which could sing like a dozen people.  As I was in chemo. at the time I just enjoyed the tape and used it to dance around to, as exercise to gain back muscle strength.

Unfortunately, I cannot find this group's music at a price I can afford and my computer is too old to download from Amazon.  Does anybody working with more current technology know what "autorip" means?

Anyway, I found them on YouTube.  They remind me most of the amazing vocals of an African American group called Sweet Honey in the Rock.  Their harmonies, the way they can slide together from one key to another, Wonderful!

Check out the "Stomp) (meaning Stomp Dance, a call and response style of singing with a particular rhythmic beat from the Southeastern U.S.) called "Going Home".  Also the acapella version of "Mahk Jci" and the series of "Rattlesongs"  The music might both amaze and make you move!

I can't see the pics, but if they are Half as good as the music, they should be interesting, too.

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