Thursday, October 3, 2013

Give it a Try or Tries

Yes, there is gridlock, just like there was for Social Security sign ups in 1935, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Medicare Drug Prescription Plan under President Bush.  It's a pain but all of these programs Have proven to work.  As one who has spent Hours of my life dealing with government agencies via phone because often their websites were so Hard to navigate I have Some idea what you may b going through.  Hang on, please give it a try.

I wanted to share a note from my coworker Judy Waxman at the National Women's Law
Center — the organization that created
This Is Personal
. On Tuesday, NWLC launched a new tool for health insurance enrollment,
Word of Mom.
 Check out the video below and share it with your moms, sisters and brothers, daughters
and sons, and whoever else you think might need a little dose of Mom.
Thanks for keeping it personal,
Thao Nguyen
Campaign Director
This Is Personal
From: Judy Waxman, National Women's Law Center
Sent: October 1, 2013
To: Thao Nguyen
Subject: The Mom Effect
National Women's Law Center
Dear Thao,
My daughter.
Like every mom, I would move heaven and earth to keep her safe. So while she's still
in school and under 26 years old, I'm glad I'll be able to keep her on my health
But soon, she'll be like millions of other young adults — living without insurance
benefits from a full-time job and looking for health care options she can afford.
And like many other young people, this will be at the bottom of her long list of
to-do's right below "dropping off laundry at Mom's house" and above "calling Mom
Thankfully, I just friended her on Facebook. And it's not just to keep an eye on her.
Today, as the country enters the official sign-up period for the health insurance
marketplaces, the National Women's Law Center wants to enlist the power of moms everywhere
to help encourage young people to get enrolled.
And we've made it easy! Go to
 to watch this video and find out how you can encourage the young people in your
life to get covered:
Video - Word of Mom
The government may be shut down, but that will not stop you and your family from
enrolling. You can still sign up, compare plans and learn about your options, despite
the gridlock in Washington.
Use our Word of Mom reminder tool at
 to gently nudge your loved ones via Facebook, email or Twitter to enroll at
 and give them the best reason to enroll — because Mom said so.
Judy Waxman
Judy Waxman
Vice President for Health and Reproductive Rights
National Women's Law  Center

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