Friday, January 24, 2014

A Chance to Be Heard?

A Chance to Be Heard?

This pipeline endangers American farmland, it makes climate change More Rapid, and though the argument for it is that it will create jobs, I've heard estimates which include jobs to be created like "dance teachers" in small rural towns.  Really?

We Love Our Land

On Tuesday night, the President gets an entire speech to address the nation — we
only get 120 seconds. We need your help to make them count.
We have secured national airtime before and after President Obama's State of the
Union address. His speech has major implications on the direction of our country
— most importantly, on how our nation will address the growing urgency of climate
President Obama is the key decision maker on approving the Keystone XL pipeline,
and if you don't want America to receive a raw deal,
make your voice heard with our new television spot bringing attention to Keystone.
We're asking our community to "Choose the #Tagline" of our new ad airing nationally
on Tuesday night. We want to make sure President Obama, and all Americans, know that
the United States won't benefit from this pipeline.
Foreign countries, including China, have invested heavily in the Canadian tar sands,
and the Keystone XL pipeline is the next step in moving that heavy crude through
the American heartland to be refined and then sold on the international market. But
TransCanada wants the American people to assume all the risk of possible leaks and
spills, with none of the reward.
Don't let that happen.
Add your voice to the fight
 by helping us choose the #tagline to air at the end of our TV spot, and get ready
to take the conversation online on Tuesday night and get people talking about Keystone
Join the Conversation
Thanks always for your support and we value your participation!
Jesse Thomas

Dear MoveOn member,
Next Tuesday, President Obama will deliver his annual State of the Union address—and
the whole country will be thinking, at least for a moment, about what's possible
in 2014.
Imagine you were at the podium.
What are YOUR priorities for changing your community and our country as a whole in
Click here
There are tons of issues and opportunities to choose from—including big, upcoming
congressional elections; state and local fights on everything from fracking to paid
sick leave; and national discussions of a
 wage increase, diplomacy with Iran, implementation of Obamacare, international trade
deals, and more.
This year, MoveOn members will launch and run thousands of powerful campaigns, from
their local city halls to the halls of Congress. And as a national MoveOn community,
we'll pick a small number of high-priority campaigns where we pool our resources
and focus to make the biggest impact.
So we've put together this Official 2014 Membership Survey to get a better idea of
where MoveOn members stand, plan our next steps together, and help connect you to
the campaigns you care about most.
Will you take three minutes to fill out this important member survey?
Click here
Take Survey
After we get all the responses, we'll put together a report on MoveOn members' priorities
and share a copy of it with the White House, congressional leaders, and the media
before the State of the Union address—so they know what progressives are focused
on as we kick off 2014.
Of course, every MoveOn member will get a copy as well.
Click here to fill out the survey
Thanks for all you do.
–Anna, Linda, Nick, Matt P., and the rest of the team
Want to support our work?
 We're entirely funded by our 8 million members—no corporate contributions, no big
checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way.
Chip in here
any candidate or candidate's committee.
To remove yourself from this list,
click here
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