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A Dreadful Piece of Work?

I was going to title this a Nasty piece of work.  Then I remembered Blogger wouldn't allow me to put "disgusting" in the title of a post and decided the word "nasty" would just be Too much for them.  But that's what I think this is!
Let's see if they allow "dreadful" instead.

I don't like the inflammatory language or all of the aims of this organization.  But if you think NAFTA hurt American workers, check out this "action page" and its links on the TPT (Trans-Pacific Partnership)!

And below this article is One example of what the Trans-Pacific Partnership could hold in store for all of us!

Dear Friends and Activists,
Because people have specifically asked us to include in our alerts on
this more details about why the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership
("TPP") is so evil, we will make the most critical points in this
one. Please therefore read on, gentle reader, remembering it is
always our practice to have supporting reference links on the action
page itself.
But first, the latest petition directly on the outrage of how a fast
track bill for this is has just been formally introduced, without any
manner of proper or judicious consideration.
When you submit this action page, PLEASE go out of your way in your
comments to use the names of your members of Congress in the THIRD
person, so they will make sense also as letters to the editor of your
local newspaper. If your House member has not signed a letter
protesting fast track for the TPP, you can say something like, "I
don't understand why Representative X has not . . .," or "I am
disappointed that Representative X . . . ". If they have taken a
stand against this you can say something like, "I applaud
Representative Y for . . .," etc., or something like that.
And you can instantly determine where your members of Congress stand
on this by clicking the special new function button on the action
page below we created especially for this purpose.
Senators Max Baucus, Orrin Hatch and Representative David Camp have
just conspired among themselves to make a back room deal, just the
three of them, to put a fast track bill for the secretive Trans
Pacific Partnership up for the direct vote of Congress.
We Demand Full Committee Hearings On The TPP action page:
In doing so, they have disgracefully bypassed their own committees,
with a responsibility for considering and voting on any such
proposal. And yet the letter announcing this appears on the official
Senate Finance Committee web page, and as such on its face
constitutes gross abuse of their authority and duties as chairmen of
their committees.
What makes this all the more outrageous is their 3 man unilateral
press release touts how their fast track bill will promote "access to
information." Do they mean that as some kind of cruel joke!? No
"trade" proposal before has ever been negotiated in such extreme
secrecy, with members of Congress forbidden to disclose what they
know about the TPP now, and journalists systematically excluded from
access since talks on this began.
And it is hardly any surprise why. From leaked documents we know,
among many other evil things, that the TPP as proposed purports to
establish new special rights for corporations to take precedence over
the laws of all the nation states involved, even to be able to
collect damages in lost profits if, for example, they not allowed to
pollute any way they like.
This is truly the sickest proposal ever to come out of a craven
corporate attorney's mind. And shame on any member of Congress too
corrupt not to immediately stand up in vociferous protest.
Shame on any member of Congress who does not demand fully transparent
consideration and their full constitutional voting authority over the
TPP itself in the full and unhurried light of day. Any proposal to
cut Congress out of the loop by a deceptive fast track hustle must be
categorically rejected in any form.
We Demand Full Committee Hearings On The TPP action page:
The above is the actual text of the petition sent by the link also
above. And after you submit it, feel free to request one of our
dramatic new "Expressway To Trade Hell TPP" bumper stickers. You can
have one for no charge, not even shipping, must by submitting this
Expressway To Trade Hell TPP bumper stickers:
Of course, if you can make a contribution of any amount, this is what
makes it possible for us to sent free stickers to anyone who cannot
afford to make a contribution right now.
We have already mentioned in the petition above itself the most
dastardly new evil in the TPP, super-national rights for corporate
business interests, which we only know about at all because there
exist leaked documents, albeit heavily redacted. The TPP purports to
define any law to constrain pollution, establish labor rights, etc.
as an "indirect expropriation" of expected corporate profits, and to
establish an unassailable tribunal to enforce these virtually
unprecedented prerogatives.
So, for example, if some mega-corporation wanted to frack in your
backyard, and you didn't like it, you would have to pay them as
damages the money they would presumptively have made from destroying
your environment, and your own government would be enfeebled to
protect you in any way.
And that's just the start. The TPP would make it easier to export
jobs to markets where labor is even cheaper than where they exported
most of our jobs under NAFTA and preceding "free" trade agreements.
These are nothing but free for all labor exploitation deals, and the
TPP is the worst yet by an order of magnitude. If you want to turn
the entire United States of America into a third world country, this
is the fast track to get there.
The TPP would extend drug patent monopolies, high on the Christmas
wish list of the greediest pharmaceutical monoliths, who are already
raking in monstrous profit margins.
The TPP purports to inhibit on an international scale the ability of
governments to perform proper financial oversight and regulation of
the same Wall Street banks and insurance companies that have come so
close already to wrecking the entire world economy. They would be
free to create toxic assets, play casino with client money, to do
more and more of the very things that created such crises in the
first place.
And that's not all. The TPP would leave governments, including our
own, powerless to regulate pesticides, food additive, or GMOs. They
could force-feed us this stuff against our will by infiltrating our
entire food supply.
This stuff is so unbelievably bad you will have to make a serious
effort to read the deliberately sparse information which is available
to appreciate the kind of peril we are all in right now, unless this
thing is stopped cold.
Oh, and there's more, too. They want to monopolize global food
supplies. They want to abolish policies to "buy local." And on top of
everything else they want to abolish all tariffs so THEY can retain
ALL the profit from the new labor markets they want to exploit.
The only thing "free" about this so-called trade deal is to make
giant corporations free from any accountability whatsoever, a new
world order where governments are entirely subservient to selfish
business interests.
But your voice speaking out can stop these 21st century fascists in
their fast tracks, if only you will speak out now while you still
can. As of this moment, because of your voices, they have been unable
to find a Democrat on the House side to co-sponsor the bill. It must
stay that way, and only our unflagging diligence and activism can
keep it that way.
You may forward this message to any friends who would find it
Contributions to The People's Email Network are not tax-deductible
for federal income tax purposes.
If you would like to be added to our distribution list, go to
Or if don't want to receive our messages, just go to

Monsanto's friends are trying to strongarm Brazilian lawmakers to allow the sale
of GMO 'terminator seeds'.
These seeds can only be used once -- making them very bad news for cash-strapped
small farmers.
Tell Brazilian lawmakers to keep their ban on these dangerous GMO seeds.
Sign the Petition
Under pressure from big commercial farms,
 the Brazilian parliament is about to hold a vote that will allow companies like
Monsanto, Bayer, and others to start selling so-called ‘suicide seeds’ to farmers.
 The genetically modified seeds can only be used once, forcing small farmers into
buying seeds from Monsanto or others over and over again -- literally forever.
The use of these seeds is essentially prohibited under a UN treaty on biodiversity
which over 193 countries, including Brazil, have signed. But if Brazil overturns
its own ban then this will have huge consequences.
Poor, small farmers could be locked into a cycle of endless debt and dependency
 -- and the rest of the world could be handing control of the global food supply
to a handful of companies. The stakes couldn’t be higher.
The parliamentary proposal has already been approved by some key committees
 and is now hurtling its way to a full parliament vote, which could happen in just
a few weeks time -- meaning
we don’t have long to stop this proposal.
Sign this petition to Brazilian lawmakers urging them to reject any attempt to overturn the ban on terminator seeds.
If the ban is scrapped, huge commercial farms will be allowed to use super fast-growing
GMO crops, damaging neighbouring farms through cross-fertilisation. Small farmers
will have to use the same terminator seeds just to compete -- tying them into buying
seeds from the likes of Monsanto forever.
If Brazil allows these dangerous seeds to be used, it will spark a global domino
, as country after country race to change laws in order to stay competitive. Brazil’s
decision could set the stage for the global ban on terminator seeds to be overturned
when the UN treaty is renewed this year.
It’s absolutely vital that we stop this move in its tracks.
We’ve come together in the past to take on huge agribusinesses like Monsanto before.
 We’re fighting Bayer and Syngenta in their attempts to overturn Europe’s ban on
bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides. We’ve taken on the might of Monsanto when we
campaigned to stop it receiving the World Food Prize. Now we need to demand that
Brazilian lawmakers reject attempts by giant corporate landowners and agribusinesses
to allow the use of these dangerous suicide seeds.
Tell Brazilian lawmakers that the world is depending on them to keep the ban on 'terminator seeds'.
Thanks for all you do,
Martin, Paul, Claiborne and the rest of us
More Information:
Unease among Brazil's farmers as Congress votes on GM terminator seeds
, The Guardian, December 2013.
Brazil contemplates using 'terminator seeds'
, TakePart, December 2013.
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accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy.
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