Friday, January 10, 2014

Personal News

I hope this turns out readable.  Usually I write in Word first, then paste here.  First, I am now on Facebook and can be found under or Teresa Myers 90038.  Is there any kind person who has honored me by reading this blog who does not use Facebook?  If so, I will keep writing on both.  The Facebook posts will be somewhat repetitious, about disability and dolls more than politics.  My purposes in using Facebook are to teach about living with disability and to work at promoting  My original purpose in beginning this blog was to cope with the death of my friend of thirty years and my room mate of twenty of those years, Ann.  Also, I simply Needed someone to "talk to".  You have honored me Very much by listening as my interests have become more political.  I have a Facebook post about the different reasons why people collect dolls.

It's going to be hard to teach about disability, promote And not make people mad with my politics.  Don't know if I can do it.  But I will have to try, a Challenge.  So, does anyone who actually Wants to continue reading this blog not use Facebook?  You have been so kind, to read what I have to say that I will write just for you, if it matters.
New subject:  Today I received actual evidence that, for the time being, the Mo. Family Support Division has restored my benefits.  I'm still going ahead with my down sizing plans.  Who knows when they will pop up again?  I was very afraid to make the call today to find out and didn't quite know what to do when I realized the two month long struggle of 1 to 2 letters (often reversing previous decisions) lost paper work which I'd previously submitted, long distance phone calls and letters of my own, for now it's Over!  I just bowed my head and said "thank you" over and over.
New subject:  One of the most annoying things about having to watch income carefully is Boredom.  I knew this but had forgotten it until I made a home made pizza.  I do not eat out.  One reason is that the cab fare to ggo anywhere is more expensive than a cheap meal.  Another is that since Ann's death, I haven't met a person who just likes to enjoy getting out of the house, sitting and sharing both conversation and food.  Working people don't have time, and not all disabled people like to sit, talk, and eat.  Ann and I used to eat home made pizza, a real treat!  But I haven't bothered to make one since she died, until this week, when I learned about pre-made pizza crusts.  I was Very surprised at how Happy I've been just to have something Different to eat!  I was nearly Joyful all of the first day I made the first one with lots of veggies and spices, and some deer burger!  Amazing what a Pleasant break in the routine can do.

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